Key Tips On Taking Amazing Sports Photos While In Mid Game Play

Key Tips On Taking Amazing Sports Photos While In Mid Game Play

Key Tips On Taking Amazing Sports Photos While In Mid Game Play

It’s so amazing how sports photographers can capture dramatic and crucial moments during the game. If you’re wondering what makes a sports photo amazing, how about you take into account the emotion that is strongly depicted in the shot? Sports photos, especially the ones taken in intense moments, can evoke strong emotions from athletes or players during the game. Although sports photos seem to be pretty easy to capture, it actually requires you to be on the alert and on the move always. It’s hard to capture amazing sports photos because intense moments are so elusive. They are also very unpredictable and will often come by so fast.

If you want to have a good career in sports photography, you must have the skills and the right equipment to back you up. Follow the key tips below to help you capture the most amazing and intense sports photos during a game.


  • Know the sport you’re covering.


Learning about the sport you’re shooting is a must! You won’t be able to shoot the right photos if you don’t know what happens in the sport.

  • By studying the sport you’re covering, you’ll be able to predict well enough when is a picture-perfect moment going to happen. This can also help you find the best locations where to capture the best moments in the game.
  • If you study the game well enough, it will also help you stay ahead of the action instead of just going with the flow of the game. It helps to predict what’s likely to happen next during the game so you can capture an amazing shot.

Since anything can happen during a game, having good knowledge about the sport will help you understand what’s going to happen next so you can prepare yourself ahead of an intense moment.


  • Get close to the action as much as possible.


The best sports photos are taken closer to the action. The closer you can get to the action, the better you’ll be able to capture amazing sports photos.

  1. While taking photographs from the sidelines is good enough, it’s always better that you get as close to the action as possible.
  2. If you’re close to the action, it’ll be easy for you to stay alert and keep your eyes open for any photo opportunity during the game.


  • Avoid using flash.


Flash is a big no when it comes capturing sports photos.

  • The camera flash can distract the players. You don’t want to distract players who are so focused on the game with a bright flash or a series of bright flashes coming from your camera.
  • The flash can also affect your camera’s shutter speed. If your goal is to capture sports action, turn off the flash as it will only slow your camera down.


  • Optimize your camera settings.


Shooting moving targets aren’t easy, but choosing the right camera settings will make a huge difference in your sports photography.

  • Most DSLRs have “continuous focus” mode; this is a feature which allows you to focus on a moving person or object. Not all DSLR have the same continuous focus function though, so be sure to check how your camera works before you start taking sports photos.
  • You can also use the “burst mode” feature offered by most cameras. This feature allows you to capture multiple images per second depending on the type of camera you have.
  • Burst mode is excellent for capturing high-speed sports photos and is a must-have function for a camera when it comes to sports photography.


  • Capture emotion.


The best sports photos are the ones that portray strong emotions of players or athletes in the game. Sports are always full emotion, and you need to capture these emotions as well in your shots to make for an amazing sports photo. There are so many ways to capture emotion in a game. You can do this by getting as close as much as possible to capture the action so you can look for the right moments when players show strong emotion like:

  • Before the game starts.
  • During the game, especially right before a crucial moment happens or during the crucial moment.
  • During an important play of the game.
  • After a big win or loss.

Regardless of what happens during the game, always capture sports photos that are full of emotions. Just don’t forget to focus on the athletes or players face though so you can clearly portray the emotions in your shots.

With the help of the tips above and proper equipment, you are on your way to becoming a professional sports photographer. Once you’ve captured the best sports photos, it’s important that you edit them first. Be sure to edit your shots before adding them to your portfolio or printing them.

If you don’t know much about photo editing or if you don’t have access to photo editing tools, 312elements will edit your photos for you. They can even give you access to their photo editing tools so you can edit your own sports photos. In this way, you’ll be able to publish or print sports photos the way a professional sports photographer does.

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