Manchester United Tickets, Games and Stadium

Like is the case everywhere in England, it is rather difficult to get man ute tickets. Using the same model as Liverpool, it is possible to buy a membership early in the season to have priority during the sales of tickets. This obviously is not cost effective for a single game. In this case, you will need to go to the club’s online ticket sales counter. It is necessary to regularly go there to check out the different dates of sale.

Ticket prices: The prices start at around £30 for quarter-turn seats, and can go to over £50 in the side galleries.

Access to the stadium: Access to the stadium is very easy. The trolley car makes a direct connection from downtown to Old Trafford station. It stops right next to the cricket stadium. When you get at the station, you will just go down the street to the football stadium.

Structure of the stadium: The stadium is divided in 2 floors. Although it is one of the biggest stadiums in England and Europe, the highest places still offer a more than satisfactory view. This is due to the fact that the stands are very close to the field. The corners offer excellent price / quality ratio, especially the East stand for which it is easier to get tickets.

Indeed, Stretford end is often filled because many fans always have an annual subscription. Regarding the side, the view is of course better for a rather affordable price. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is not necessarily the best. The Sir Alex Fergusen stand is also difficult to access due to the many ticket seekers. Finally, the South Stand hosts the presidential area.

Atmosphere: It is clear that Old Trafford is not one of the best atmospheres of England. However, it seems evident that Old Trafford literally transforms when Manchester United is to encounter a rival or a great team. During such encounters, the fans play their role of 12th man fully.

However, the leaders themselves are the 1st to admit that the stadium is sorely lacking in good atmosphere. Very little singing, some colors in the stands, including in the Stretford End. The pace of the game just needs to slow down a bit and the enthusiasm of supporters will drop.

Nevertheless, we must admit that when the fans give voice, it is well worth it. This is especially true when all the supporters chant; “United! United!” during the offensives. The hymn of the club, “Glory Glory Man United” also carries enough power to give you some shivers, when it is not taken up by the opposing fans in “Who the fu** are Man United,” as is sometimes the case during tough encounters.

The European League is perceived differently by different clubs. A team like Ajax, which often struggles in the Champions League surely concentrates on making a good impression in the European League. For a team like Manchester United, it is not a priority competition, for which they will fight to the fullest. In fact, their struggle in the league is always very intense.