ManCity’s disappointment after being eliminated by Wigan in the FA Cup

ManCity’s disappointment after being eliminated by Wigan in the FA Cup

ManCity’s disappointment after being eliminated by Wigan in the FA Cup

Manchester City surprisingly should be eliminated from the FA Cup, after being defeated Wigan Athletic in the fifth round, February 20, 2018. Disappointed was immediately hit the stronghold of The Citizens. Coming to DW Stadium, ManCity played with 10 players, after Fabian Delph rewarded a straight red card at the end of the first half. Despite losing the number of players, ManCity still dominated the game.

ManCity’s attack line provided threats to the Wigan goalkeeper. However, Wigan even managed to steal a goal in 79 minutes, through Will Grigg and made the score to 1-0 until the fight was over.  ManCity defender, John Stones rated Delph red card greatly affect the game and his team. Although, he was reluctant to make it as the reason his team lost to Wigan.

“The red card is very influential.You need 11 players on the pitch all the time,” Stones said on City’s official website. ”I can not say whether the offense was worth a red card or not, I did not see the incident, you have to face it and continue playing,” he added. Thus, Stones is very disappointed with the team defeat, because it was playing pretty well and should qualify for the quarterfinals.”

Stones added that his team dominated the game and created many chances thus should had won. The defeat is a big disappointment for The Citizens as Wigan got one chance and scored. The  Blue Manchester was knocked out of this year’s FA Cup. The FA Cup is indeed one of the most unpredictable football competitions. In this competition we will get used to seeing how giant teams are knocked out by small teams, something that is difficult to find in similar competitions in other countries. This is the hallmark of English football.

The FA Cup is the oldest football competition on earth and is followed by English clubs of various levels. This old competition really attracts attention, not only from all UK region but also from all over the world. Various TV media from many countries broadcast the FA Cup as a regular show, making it one of the most valuable soccer competitions. Referred to as one of the most valuable because this competition really became one of the biggest money turning point in terms of broadcasting rights, football gambling and tickets.

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