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Marketing for sport events

Do you practice marketing techniques for sport events? What kind of event is yours? Sport is fashionable and advertising is at your service. The satisfaction that passes through goal after a long effort to stride. The adrenaline sensation in the 86th minute of a football game. The release of endorphins in a fitness session or that pain of twins after a mountain trail. These are the common sensations provided by doing sports and in fact, not everyone likes this, only sports lovers!

More and more people are joining sport events and among the multiplicity of events we have to distinguish ourselves. Marketing and advertising help you to attract users interested in your sport event and to retain those who have already experienced sensations with the event. Are you one of those who already use marketing to maximize their activities or those who have never tried it? Anyway, we give you the keys to develop a marketing strategy for sporting events, offering you the best techniques to promote your event and get the highest number of registrations.

Do you know your audience?

Do you have to organize a sporting event, but do not know where to start? That’s because you still do not know your customers. The first step to develop a marketing strategy for a sport event is to make a market segmentation and define your target audience. This will help you to better know the audience you are targeting, to know what type of content to create, and where to find your customers. Orient the marketing actions that you are going to make towards that target, in this way it will be much easier to attract and retain it. Today, using EDDM® Every Door Direct Mail® printing is recommended to get wider audience. 


The target of a sporting event is very broad since this type of event brings together a wide variety of people. Yes, everyone shares their love of sports.

Depending on the event you organize you will have to go to one type of athlete or another. For example, if you want to promote an event for a trail race, you will have to go to people of a certain age group who like the mountain. If you organize a running session in an urban circuit, you will have to connect with other types of runners. Or if, on the contrary, the event consists of a fitness day you should focus on people who usually go to the gym and like to do another type of repetitive exercise and more focused on strength instead of cardio.

Even in the same discipline, you need to focus on a specific profile depending on the event you organize and you’ll be able to fully empathize with the user. It is not the same to organize a race in the Pyrenees and to organize the Women’s Race in New York. To make a good segmentation of your audience, you also have to take into account the geographic scope of the marketing actions. Thanks to geolocation, you can tremendously fine-tune marketing actions, for example you can focus on the city in which the event takes place or impact on certain postal codes. By doing this way you will not allocate the funds of your marketing campaign to areas that do not interest you.

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