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MLB Season 2017:

This Sunday will open the floodgates of baseball excitement and thrill with all the best baseball teams fighting with their best efforts for the best titles. No wonder, there will be squabbling and fighting for the baseball tickets. But don’t worry, we have good news. You can get your baseball tickets without any inconvenience. We sell the tickets without charging any service fee. That means no hidden charges, no extra burden, you only pay what your ticket’s worth and nothing more.

This Sunday, the three big games including the biggie between the defending Champions Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals will be played. This Sunday surely is more than deserving the ESPN’s title of the Sunday Night Baseball game of the year.

The MLB is one of the oldest baseball organizations in Canada and the US. It started out as National League (NL) and American League (AL) until in 2000 when they merged into a single organization. This year’s baseball season will be its 117 season which will end on October 1.

It comprises of thirty teams with one team from Canada and the rest from the United States. The teams are supposed to play total 162 games per season. Then five qualifying teams advance to the postseason tournament which ultimately ends in the World Series. The World Series decides the champion after a best-of-seven series between the league champions. The television, radio and the Internet airs the matches for the eager audiences of North America and many other countries in the world. MLB has the distinction of having more than 73 million spectators (according to 2015 figures) – the highest season attendance in any league of sports.

Following are some the big teams who might get away with the title.

New York Yankees:

The Yankees are trying their best to restore their former glory of the late 90s. Their team, according to the manager Brian Cashman, is in a transition state. Only this transition amounts to the trading of veteran players for getting prospects. That is why they no longer have Beltran, McCann and Mark Teixeira, the players who would steer the game towards victory.

The prospects could be a worthwhile investment, or they could not be. It remains to be seen in the season.

Chicago Cubs:

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Indians last season to claim the World Series for themselves. This should give them some confidence boost that could work to their advantage in their big matches early in the second half with White Sox, Reds, Braves and Brewers.

With their impressive players collection, we can expect star performance from the Cubs whose eight players are crossing 2.5 WAR. Kris Bryant is exceptional but still young in his career. Jason Heyward and Kyle Schwarber are the star players for the Cubs whose offense lineup is looking formidable now with their presence. The team’s real tests in the season will begin in October.

St Louis Cardinals:

It should be noted that the Cardinals have managed 12 times to get into the postseason in the last 17 years. They are also a good team to reckon with but this season, they have lost Alex Reyes to surgery, which is a huge blow for them. It remains to be seen whether their interest in Jose Quintana of the White Sox get anywhere.

San Francisco Giants:

Just like their name, the Giants are giants when it comes to money, for that is how they are still managing to keep players like Brandon Belt, Buster Posey, Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija.

With all these great players, it is not unreasonable to expect them in the postseason, where they could get their revenge against the Cubs who knocked them out of the tournament last season.

Boston Red Sox:

With an impressive offensive core, the Red Sox have grabbed two AL East titles in the previous five seasons. They have Rick Porcello, David Price and the newest Chris Sale to get them ahead in the season.

Cleveland Indians:

Last season the Indians lost the final to the Cubs but their progress that far and the thrilling game they provided us was worth appreciation. This season they have Encarnacion, Danny Salazar and Yan Gomes to perform even better than last. Will they do better or worse, it can only be known after the season.

Houston Astros:

Although the Astros didn’t get a perfect start according to their wishes for this winter, but they still look better, for they have added many star players like Josh Reddick, Brain McCann and Beltran. With these players, their offense lineup would be extra strong that already can boast of Correa, Altuve and Springer.

Washington Nationals:

After relentlessly pursuing Chris Sale without any success, the Nationals managed to take hold of Adam Eaton who is a perfect match for the rising star Trea Turner. Along with them, there is also Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer who are just as talented.

With all these formidable teams, one thing is for sure. All the contests would be thrilling. Therefore, grab your baseball tickets now, before they are sold out. We sell tickets without Service Fees. That means no extra burden on your pockets. You only pay for the worth of your baseball tickets and no more. So, don’t go after shady websites that charge high service fees. It is far more convenient to find a ticket seller that has no fees.

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