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Must-Haves For Beginning Golfers

Golf is one of the favorite pastimes of many people. It provides the opportunity to relax, enjoy the outdoors and have some friendly competition. It also happens to be the ideal way to socialize and even conduct some informal business when you’re on the course.

There’s plenty of good reasons you might be considering picking up golf, but knowing what you need can be overwhelming.

Below are some of the top must-haves for any new golfer.


Golf attire isn’t just about how you look. It’s also about how you play. You want to start with a good pair of golf shoes that will provide traction and stability. Many courses require soft spikes on the bottom of shoes, rather than metal. You may be allowed to wear sneakers at some courses, but it’s not recommended.

You’ll want socks that will keep your feet dry, and most courses require collared golf shirts. When you’re a woman looking for golf attire, think about pants, capris, dress shorts or golf skirts. If you are going with a skirt, it needs to have a pleat or notch on the side or front for range of motion.

You can also consider wearing a visor, but you might also want good sports sunglasses, to ensure your vision isn’t impeded when you’re playing.


When you’re playing, you can have up to 14 clubs on the green, and the primary club options include irons, woods, and putters. Wood clubs are used for long shots off the tee, irons are for precision on the fairway, and a putter is used when you’re close to the hole.

You should also add some tees to your bag. You can opt for plastic or wood, and you’ll need plenty.

Usually in a golf bag, you would have a driver, two or three woods, a putter, a pitching or sand wedge club, and several irons. You might purchase other clubs individually as well, including hybrid clubs.

Many novice golfers won’t carry a full set of 14 clubs, it’s worth noting. You may only want to carry 9 or 10 if you are just starting out.


You’ll obviously need a bag to carry your clubs and other equipment in, but if you’re just starting out, you might want to choose a set of clubs with an included bag or go with a used option. You need to test the waters and make sure you want to stick with the game before investing in a high-end bag, which will usually have abundant pockets and a more intricate design overall.

You definitely want a bag with a strong, sturdy strap, and you might also get another small bag that you can carry on your side when you’re playing, that will allow you to add your non-golf essentials.

When you’re just starting out you don’t want to invest a ton of money into your equipment or attire. You want to test everything and give it a try before you decide if you like the game, and ultimately if you want to invest in more expensive pieces of equipment.

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