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NBA: rumors for the names remaining on market

Yes, we know that bigger names are still under contract, but the NBA’s market is not only Curry, Griffin or Hayward. There are also some big names that haven’t a team in this moment. This is a period full of rumor for NBA and we want to discover more about it.

Who are the NBA’s players remaining free agents? Let’s see the names and the rumors about them!

Even if the big names have found their team, some other players are still free. We assess the situation: Gordon Hayward went to Celtics, Chris Paul chose Houston and, maybe, Carmelo Anthony could follow this choice. Another big name as Blake Griffin chose his future still in Los Angeles. And the others?

One of the biggest names still unrestricted is Derrick Rose. The last season, he played in the New York Knicks. He is 28 and he is searching for a team that can pay the right price for him.

Nikola Mirotic is on market too. He is 26 and he played last season with the Bulls. Maybe he can play in a team like Brooklyn, but the Bulls could match any offers for him.

Willie Reed is the target of five teams that showed interest. What will be is ultimate destination?

Even for JaMychal Green there are some offers. He is very versatile and he can do solid numbers.

These are only some names of the free agent players. After the NBA last Draft, someone said that this year will be the most full of talent, because a new generation of players will be in action. As for every sport, the initial choice is very important and all the basket teams are busy in the purchase and transfer market!

The regular season is coming and, for that reason, teams started the preparation for the final victory.

Which are the predictions for the last season? Which teams made the best investments and which will win the championship? If you are a supporter of one of these teams, the first think to do is to place a bet online. As always, the odds are different according to the bookmaker, but if you score on the winning team, you can win some interesting sums.

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