NBA Totals Odds Explained – Guide How to Win Basketball Totals Bets

An NBA totals bet is one of the best weapons in your handicapping arsenal. It does not require you to predict which team will win the game or cover the spread. You just need to decide whether it will be a high-scoring matchup or a low-scoring clash.

This NBA over/under betting guide explains what totals betting entails. We will teach you how to read odds, find the best NBA totals lines and place successful over/under wagers. Read on to learn more about NBA totals bets.

What is an NBA Totals Bet?

An NBA totals bet is a prediction on the number of points that both teams will combine for in a game. The sports betting sites set an NBA over/under line on every game – such as 229.5 points – and you can bet on whether the total will go over that line or stay under it.

Aside from the main NBA over/under line, you will also find alternate NBA totals lines. That allows you to make things easier for yourself in exchange for a smaller potential payout or make it harder in a bid for a larger payout. There are NBA team totals too, which only focus on the number of points a specific team will score, plus totals on a specific quarter or half.

If you are into futures wagering, you will find NBA win totals on each team. This allows you to bet over/under on the number of regular season wins a team will earn. For example, the Boston Celtics’ NBA win totals 2022 line was set at 54.5 games, so you could bet on “over” if you expected them to win 55-plus games or “under” in the NBA total wins line if you expected them to win 54 games or fewer.

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How do NBA Over/Under Betting Odds Work?

Most sports betting sites offer standard juice lines. That means they take a house edge of around 4.77% on the overall market. You typically find that they offer betting odds of -110 on “over” and -110 on “under”, but you can sometimes find -115 / -105 lines or -112 / -108 lines, for instance. They are also standard juice lines.

Some sportsbooks offer reduced juice odds. That means they take a lower house edge. For example, you might find -105 / -105 lines or -108 / -108 lines. They are appealing, because you will earn a larger profit if successful.

NBA Totals Bet Example

This is an example of the total points line in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals. It was set at 210.5 points. In the end, the Warriors beat the Celtics 103-93, resulting in 196 points in total. That means “under” paid off.

NBA Over/Under Total Points
Under 210.5 points -110
Over 210.5 points -110

How are NBA Totals Bets Paid Out?

Most NBA totals odds start with a minus sign. The numbers then highlight the amount you would need to lay down to win $100. For example, a $110 bet at odds of -110 would net you a $100 profit. You can bet any amount you like. A $10 wager at -110, for instance, would earn you winnings of $9.09. Your bet amount is returned when you win, so your overall payout would be $19.09.

Some NBA totals may start with a plus. That could be an alternate NBA game total points line or an alternate NBA total wins futures line. For example, if the odds on under 210.5 points in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals were -110, you might have found odds of +110 on an alternate total points line of under 206.5 points. You make it harder for yourself in exchange for better odds.

When the odds start with a plus, it explains the profit available on a $100 bet. A $100 wager at +110 would earn you $110 if successful. A $10 bet at +110 would net you $11. Your total return would be $21.

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How to Place an NBA Totals Bet

It is very quick and easy to place an NBA totals bet if you follow the five simple steps that we have provided:

Step 1: Open an Online Sports Betting Account

Click here to sign up for a sports wagering account with BetOnline, the best online sportsbook for NBA over/under betting. Click the green “JOIN” button to open the sign-up form. It only requires a few personal and contact details, so it should take you less than a minute to complete.

BetOnline registration form

Step 2: Make a Deposit

Click on the green “DEPOSIT” button that appears at the top of the page. Choose one of the methods. Type in an amount you would like to deposit, fill in your details and complete the transaction.

BetOnline Bitcoin Deposit

Step 3: Claim a Sports Betting Welcome Bonus

Use the BetOnline promo code “INSIDERS” to receive a welcome bonus of up to $1,000.

BetOnline Bonus

Step 4: Find a Game to Wager On

Choose the “SPORTS” option on to the left of the main toolbar menu and select basketball from the list. Then select “NBA” and “NBA Basketball Games” to see a list of upcoming games. If you would prefer to place an in-play NBA totals bet, head into the “Live Betting” section to find live games.

NBA Totals Odds Explained - Guide How to Win Basketball Totals Bets

Step 5: Place Your NBA Over/Under Bet

Click on either the over or under option to add it to the BetOnline betslip. Type your bet amount in and click the button to confirm. The funds will be taken from your account balance, and you will be paid out after the game if you win.

BetOnline Bet

Advantages of NBA Totals Bets

There are lots of advantages to placing an NBA over/under bet:

  • You do not need to predict who will win or cover the spread, so it is a great option on games where the spread does not appeal.
  • Bettors can harness a wealth of data on teams and players to help you make astute NBA over/under predictions.
  • Many NBA picks focus on the total points line, so you can receive a lot of expert advice when making your selections.
  • There are often significant differences between the NBA over/under lines at rival sportsbooks, so you can benefit by hunting out the best terms.
  • Alternate NBA totals are available, giving you flexibility, and you can also check out NBA team totals or NBA totals on a specific portion of a game.

Our Top Tips How to Win an NBA Totals Bet

The five tips we have provided are designed to help you succeed with an NBA over/under wager:

Check Each Team’s Over/Under Record

Delve into how often “over” or “under” pays off when each team is in action. Narrow it down to either team’s over/under record when playing at home or away, when coming off a loss or when a specific player is injured to gain useful insights on your basketball totals bets.

Conduct Thorough Research

We recommend researching the offensive and defensive capabilities of both teams before betting on basketball totals. The NBA team totals lines show you the NBA implied totals for each team, and you can consider if either of them – or both – look incorrect. Sometimes the NBA implied totals look remarkably prescient, but you can often expose weak lines and exploit them if you research your bets thoroughly.

Consider NBA Totals Picks from the Experts

Most NBA picks focus on the point spread or the total points line. That means you can benefit from lots of expert advice before betting on NBA game totals. We offer free NBA betting picks at The Sports Daily, so visit on a regular basis for advice and insight.

Grab the Best NBA Totals Lines

It is very important to seek out the best total points lines. For example, one sportsbook might set the total points line at 212.5 points, with -110 on “over” and -110 on “under”. Another sportsbook might set it at 212 points. If you bet on under 212.5 points and there are 212 points in the game, you will earn a profit. If you bet on under 212 and there are 212 points, the bet will be settled as a push. You will get your bet amount back, but you will not earn a profit.

Place Live NBA Totals Bets

The best sportsbooks allow you to place live bets on NBA total points lines. The line will move to reflect the score and the performance levels of each team as the game unfolds. It allows you to soak up the action, check how motivated each team looks and place an NBA over/under bet from a strong position.

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The Sports Daily’s NBA Totals Picks

We provide NBA totals picks on the biggest games of the regular season and the NBA playoffs. Our pro handicappers consider the NBA implied totals and work out which lines look weak. They use a combination of expertise – honed by watching basketball religiously – and deep statistical analysis to produce strong NBA totals picks.

You can return to The Sports Daily on a routine basis to find our best NBA spread betting and NBA totals betting picks throughout the season. Our picks are free, and we will clearly lay out our reasons for giving them, allowing you to decide whether you agree with the suggestions.

How do NBA Totals Bets Work with Live Betting?

The NBA total points line will move as the game develops. For example, if the first quarter sees a higher total than expected, the line will go up, but you can still bet “over” or “under”. If the game sees fewer points than initially projected, the line will go down to reflect that. You can keep betting on it until deep in the fourth quarter.

The Best Sportsbooks for NBA Totals Odds

Our experts have identified the very best sportsbooks for NBA totals bets. These high-quality sports wagering sites offer attractive lines, they pay out quickly and they have large bonuses. These are the best NBA betting sites on the market right now:

  • All
  • Crypto
  • Telegram Betting

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