The Best New NFT Projects to Buy Now

New NFT projects are pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do in exciting ways. Some are enabling play-to-earn crypto games, some are supporting real-world causes, and others are transforming the meaning of art for a digital age.

In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best new NFT projects for 2022 and explain what to look for when evaluating upcoming NFT drops.

The 10 Best New & Upcoming NFT Projects in 2024

There are hundreds of upcoming NFT projects being released this year. Here are the 10 best new NFT projects that we think are worth checking out:

  1. Tamadoge – Excellent Meme Coin Opportunity
  2. Battle Infinity – Best New NFT Gaming Ecosystem for 2024
  3. Propertys – A Real Estate NFT Collection for the Metaverse
  4. Women Rise – A New NFT Project to Support Women’s Rights Around the World
  5. Awesome Possums – An Upcoming NFT Project in Support of Mental Health
  6. Moonbirds – A New NFT Project from the PROOF Collective
  7. Zoothereum – Mint an Egg to Hatch a Surprise NFT Character
  8. Moon Boyz – 3D Astronaut NFTs That Offer a Chance to Go to Space
  9. Crypto Baristas – New NFTs for Making Coffee More Sustainable
  10. – Sports NFT Project Backed by Professional Athletes
  11. Invisible Friends – Animated NFT That Brings the Invisible to Life

A Closer Look at the Top 10 New NFT Projects

Want to know more about our favorite new NFT projects? We’ve detailed each project below to explain what makes these NFTs stand out.

1. Tamadoge – The Play-to-Earn Dogecoin

best new NFT projects for 2022 - Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the Doge ecosystem’s newest addition, and it’s come onto the scene with a purposeful bark! Unlike some of its predecessors that didn’t have any real-world utility, the digital coin packs plenty of features that people will be eager to use.

Initially, Tamadoge’s play-to-earn capabilities will allow you to mint doge by breeding, training, and battling your NFTs to top a monthly leaderboard.

As the platform develops, the play-to-earn opportunities will expand to include AR experiences. Your Tamadoge NFT will be able to play with its friends in the Tamaverse. Based on these features and more, Tamadoge will not only dominate the Doge ecosystem but the play-to-earn arena as well.

2. Battle Infinity – Best New NFT Gaming Ecosystem for 2024

Battle Infinity Launch Presale

Battle Infinity is our pick for the best new NFT project in 2022. This project is a massive undertaking that’s seeking to build the ‘multiverse of metaverse.’

What that means is that Battle Infinity will be an NFT-based metaverse gaming platform where players can find a wide range of different experiences. Battle Infinity plans to allow users to create their own games in the metaverse, enabling players to explore a world of mini-games and find the communities that suit them best.

To kick off this gaming metaverse, Battle Infinity is launching the IBAT Premier League. This is a play-to-earn fantasy sports game where players can build teams and compete against other teams to win matches and advance in season-long play. Players who win Premier League matches are rewarded with IBAT, Battle Infinity’s in-metaverse token.

Importantly, players must have an NFT pass in order to join IBAT Premier League. This pass can be traded or sold like any other NFT. Players can also purchase NFT accessories and in-game upgrades at the Battle Infinity marketplace using the IBAT tokens they’ve purchased or received as rewards through play.

Battle Infinity is currently holding a presale of IBAT tokens to raise funds for the platform and it plans to release a beta version of the metaverse later this year. You can keep up to date on all the latest developments at Battle Infinity through the platform’s Telegram channel.

Minimum Investment 0.1 BNB
Maximum Investment 500 BNB
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Presale Start Date 11th July 2022
Presale End Date  10th October 2022

3. Propertys – A Real Estate NFT Collection for the MetaversePropertys

Propertys is a collection of 6,000 NFT homes created for the Sandbox metaverse. With Propertys, you can place a one-of-a-kind home on any virtual land you own in the metaverse. The digital homes feature unique architecture and fun designs to give them more personality than your average house.

Since Propertys are part of the Sandbox ecosystem, there’s a lot of potential for what this NFT collection could become. Already, Propertys has developed brand partnerships with companies that are entering the metaverse and with other new NFT projects like Crypto Baristas.

The initial sale of Propertys has already happened and all of the NFTs in the collection were claimed. However, you can still find Propertys on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea at prices starting from 0.03 ETH.

4. Women Rise – A New NFT Project to Support Women’s Rights Around the World

Women Rise

Women Rise is a new NFT project from Pakistani-American visual artist Maliha Abidi. Abidi created 453 hand-drawn traits, including hair, faces, eyes, clothing, and more. Then she put all of those traits together in random configurations to create 10,000 NFT women.

Diversity is an important part of the collection. Abidi’s women characters represent women from around the world in a wide variety of culturally-appropriate clothing and styles. The collection is a major first step in representing women more visibly within the world of NFTs.

Just as important, part of the proceeds from the Women Rise drop are being used to support women’s causes around the world. Specifically, Abidi wants to support gender equality, girls’ education, and mental health initiatives.

Women Rise NFTs are completely sold out, but Abidi is already planning a limited secondary drop. To qualify for the drop, you must own at least 5 Women Rise NFTs. Abidi has also discussed building on the community she created to host real-world events and meetups.

5. Awesome Possums – An Upcoming NFT Project in Support of Mental Health

Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums is another new NFT project designed to support a cause. Proceeds from this new NFT project are being donated to charities focused on supporting mental health, including Shatterproof, Child Mind, and Rethink Stigma.

The Awesome Possums collection includes 12,000 individual possums, each completely unique in their characteristics. The possums are expected to mind for 0.08 ETH when the collection drops on September 9, 2022.

Going forward, the creators of Awesome Possum have big plans for how to make this project even more impactful. The founders have discussed opening a new nonprofit focused on addiction recovery and offering scholarships to children of low-income families. The Awesome Possum community could also offer NFT holders access to a counselor through the project’s Discord channel.

6. Moonbirds – A New NFT Project from the PROOF Collective


Moonbirds is a new NFT collection from the PROOF Collective, an innovative group that includes 1,000 NFT enthusiasts and accomplished artists. The Moonbirds project includes 10,000 NFT owl characters, each of which comes with a variety of benefits and rewards.

One of the most unique things about the Moonbirds NFT project is that the longer you hold your NFT, the more your benefits accrue. Moonbirds call this ‘nesting,’ but it basically means that senior owners get first access to new drops and any rewards distributed to NFT owners.

A reward for owning a Moonbird is access to the exclusive PROOF Discord channel. Access to the Discord channel is important because it’s often the only place where new NFT drops and in-person meetups of PROOF Collective members are announced.

Moonbirds owners will also receive early access to Highrise, a new metaverse being created by the PROOF Collective. While this is still under development, the PROOF Collective promises that it will redefine what a metaverse can be and deliver experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

7. Zoothereum – Mint an Egg to Hatch a Surprise NFT Character


Zoothereum is an interesting new NFT project that is bringing members on a digital journey. To start the journey, you must mint one of Zoothereum’s eggs. Each egg is an NFT that gives you access to all new NFT drops in the Zoothereum universe.

On top of that, each egg eventually hatches to reveal a character – which could be an animal, a made-up creature, a robot, or something else entirely. Whatever hatches from your egg is an NFT itself, but it doesn’t destroy the egg. So, you end up owning 2 NFTs for the price of 1.

There’s more to Zoothereum, too. Egg NFT owners qualify for Mint 1.5, which is happening in July 2022. This new NFT mint enables you to claim one of 12 NFT characters, which are limited to 300 copies each. The characters can be used as avatars in the metaverse game that Zoothereum plans to create in the next stage of project development.

8. Moon Boyz – 3D Astronaut NFTs That Offer a Chance to Go to Space

Moon Boyz

Moon Boyz is a collection of 11,111 space-ready characters. Each character is designed in 3D, making this new NFT project relatively unique already. With every Moon Boyz NFT purchase, the owner receives a 3D-printed figurine of their character along with the files needed to 3D print your own Moon Boyz figurine.

What’s really neat about this project is its ultimate goal: sending a Moon Boyz character to space in 2024. One lucky NFT owner will get to hitch a ride to space alongside their Moon Boyz figurine. While the project doesn’t have details on exactly how this space launch will work, this is where funds from the NFT drop are headed.

Between now and the 2024 launch, Moon Boyz NFT owners can join an exclusive online community and get access to members-only merchandise. Moon Boyz is also planning a new crypto token, $DARK, that can be used to purchase accessories for Moon Boyz characters.

9. Crypto Baristas – New NFTs for Making Coffee More SustainableCrypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas is one of the best new NFTs for coffee lovers. The collection includes 455 NFTs of barista characters pouring coffee. Funds from the original Crypto Baristas release were used to open a new cafe, Coffee Bros., in New York City this year. NFT owners get steep discounts on coffee, plus deals with coffee suppliers and other coffee-related brands.

Now, Crypto Baristas is back with a new set of barista characters. This time around, funds from the upcoming NFT mints will be used to support sustainability in coffee farming. The Crypto Baristas project is investing in a community in Honduras to help improve operations and make coffee supply chains more transparent.

Going forward, NFT owners will have a say in what comes next for Crypto Baristas. The development team hopes to ultimately own its own coffee farm in Central America to provide a sustainable, farm-to-coffee shop operation for coffee lovers everywhere.

10. – Sports NFT Project Backed by Professional Athletes is a new NFT project created by Tom Brady, the former NFL quarterback. The project has a unique take: it includes hundreds of sports card-like designs, each of which bears the digital signature of a professional athlete.

Some of the pro athletes signed on to include Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka, and Simone Biles. So, it’s quite an impressive group of athletes behind this project.

There are multiple editions of each NFT, but the total number of NFTs from each athlete is strictly limited to make sure they remain valuable. doesn’t offer a community at this time, and owning an athlete’s NFT doesn’t include any exclusive access to that athlete or their team. However, given the support this project has found already, it seems possible that new athletes who sign on will sweeten the deal for fans by offering unique experiences like meet-and-greets along with their NFTs.

11. Invisible Friends – Animated NFT That Brings the Invisible to Life

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is one of the best new NFTs for collectors who love animation. Each NFT in this collection, created by Swedish artist Markus Magnusson, features a collection of clothing around an invisible person. The person appears to be walking and the level of detail involved in the animation is simply incredible.

While the main appeal of the Invisible Friends lies in the artwork, there are some additional benefits to owning one of these NFTs. Invisible Friends owners will get first access to Magnusson’s upcoming NFT projects, including his Garbage Friends collection currently in development.

In addition, Magnusson plans to release 3D versions of all the Invisible Friends NFTs. These 3D versions will be dropped to current NFT holders for free, and could be accompanied by 3D-printed figurines.

How to Choose the Best New NFT Projects for You

Wondering which of these new NFT projects is best suited for you? There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best new and upcoming NFTs. Here are some of the key factors to keep in mind.

Quality and Rarity

The most important thing to consider when choosing new NFTs is quality. Quality can be hard to quantify, but you’ll know it when you see it. The best NFT collections are created by talented artists and feature artwork that stops you in your tracks.

That’s important because if an NFT catches your eye, it likely catches the eyes of other collectors as well. More demand for an NFT collection can significantly drive up its price, making your investment much more valuable.

It’s also important to think about how rare an NFT is. Collections in which each NFT is completely unique offer built-in rarity, and most collections only allow a specific number of NFTs to be minted. Some NFT projects even have rare NFTs within the collection, which may have special benefits or unique characteristics.

Development Team

NFT projectsThe development team behind an NFT project is very important. The team drives the forward momentum of the NFT project, especially after the initial NFT drop.

Often, the development team is in charge of creating a community for users, organizing events and meetups, and setting long-term goals for a new NFT project.

A good development team should maintain interest in a project long after the drop. That keeps up the value of a collection and ensures that NFT owners have something to look forward to.

Host Blockchain

The vast majority of new NFT projects are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. However, that’s not the only blockchain available for NFTs. Blockchains like Solana, Tezos, and Binance Smart Chain can all host NFTs.

Solana is particularly popular as a host blockchain for upcoming NFT games because of the network’s speed. Upcoming Solana NFT projects can take advantage of more graphics processing power and lower transaction costs, which offers some unique benefits for gaming.

Metaverse Integration

Many of the best upcoming NFTs offer their own metaverse communities or plug into existing metaverse ecosystems like the Sandbox.

For example, Battle Infinity is building a new metaverse where players can join a huge range of play-to-earn games and trade NFTs at a central marketplace. Its native token is a metaverse crypto coin as it powers the transactions in the Battle Infinity metaverse.

These metaverse integrations are important because they expand the utility of your NFT. You can not only own an NFT, for example, but display it prominently in the metaverse or use it to upgrade your character’s abilities in play-to-earn crypto games.

Community and Causes

A growing number of NFT projects seek to bring owners together in a vibrant community. These communities are often hosted on Discord, but they can also include real-world meetups and events. Once a community is established, NFT owners can discuss where to take a project next.

Some NFTs also support specific causes. For example, the Women Rise project donates money to support gender equality and the Crypto Baristas project is seeking to make coffee more sustainable. These causes can be a rallying point for NFT owners and they give projects clear direction for how to expand in the future.

Staking Rewards

Some NFT projects deliver value to NFT owners in the form of staking rewards. Battle Infinity, the best new NFT game for 2022, plans to allow NFT owners to stake their holdings in order to earn IBAT tokens. This creates an opportunity to earn steady crypto income, which may appeal to some owners.

NFT projects that allow their users and in this case their gamers to earn rewards are known in the industry as play to earn crypto games, abbreviated to P2E. That crazy was kicked off by Axie Infinity in November 2020 and its native token went on a 160,000% bull run on Binance, its in-game NFT characters also rising high in floor price due to high investor demand.

How to Buy a New NFT

Want to buy one of these new and upcoming NFT projects for yourself? We’ll show you how to get involved in the Battle Infinity project, one of the top new NFT games in 2022.

Step 1: Visit the Battle Infinity Presale

Head to the official Battle Infinity website, browse the whitepaper and roadmap then click on Launch Presale.

Step 2: Connect Your Crypto Wallet

Investors will need to connect a crypto wallet to Batte Infinity in order to buy IBAT tokens, the official token of the Battle Infinity project. Battle Infinity works with most Binance Smart Chain wallets, including MetaMask wallets.Buy IBAT Tokens from Battle Infinity

Step 3: Buy IBAT Tokens

You can convert BNB in your connected wallet to Battle Infinity IBAT tokens. Enter the amount of IBAT you want to purchase and Battle Infinity will display the equivalent in BNB. You must purchase at least 0.1 BNB worth of IBAT and up to 500 BNB worth.

Click Buy IBAT to complete your purchase.

Battle Infinity Buy IBAT


Our picks for the best new NFT projects this year offer access to growing gaming metaverses, new ways to support your favorite social causes, and much more.

If you’re looking for the best new NFT to buy, check out Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity’s gaming metaverse is nearing launch and the project’s IBAT tokens are currently on presale. Buy IBAT today to be among the first to access the IBAT Premier League.



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