08/15 – Lawson response

Lawson says:

You know, I am just going to take a few chill pills on this whole Swogger thing. Bottom line: I HATED Jason Gesser during his injured 4-7 or 5-6 campaign and then we go to two straight 10 win seasons with him…So, if Brink is going to be the man, then let him be the man…the main thing is that we know that whoever starts off the year is going to find time on the DL with our offense…so lets just hope that we get both in stride during the cupcake portion of the schedule.

Sean says:

I am in your camp on this too after thinking more about it. I openly pined for Matt Kegel after Gesser broke his leg in 2000 and Kegel led the team to a win at USC, but Gesser was always the guy players rallied around, and he did put up some great numbers (actually one of the greatest QB’s in Pac-10 history, in TD passes and total offense he’s in the upper echelon). For Mike Price to call him the greatest player in WSU history is something else.

The thing is? We heard the “inside” word on Brink, and it ain’t good. BUT, what if what I heard from the horse’s mouth isn’t exactly accurate? What if that was his personal opinion getting in the way of reality? That source isn’t with the coaching staff anymore, and maybe, just maybe, he was exaggerating a bit? He was very adamant, but you never really know the full story. All I know is from an outsider’s point of view, the kid while pretty weak and skinny last year really did show us something by 1) leading the team back against Colorado, 2) beating UCLA at UCLA, and 3) winning the Apple Cup, something no WSU frosh QB had ever done. I know, Jerome Harrison had a lot to do with the late wins, and without him we would have lost at least two more games, but you can’t argue with the result.

Look at the numbers from Brink in the Apple Cup from last year – 15 for 24, 240 yards, 2 TD’s, 1 rushing TD, and NO picks. That’s pretty big-time, and on paper, better than any game Swogger played last year, especially in completion percentage and taking care of the ball! I know, I know, UW was beat up and just terrible last year, but they actually were an above-average defense. Plus given it’s a rivalry week, and the pressure really was on for WSU NOT TO LOSE TO A 1-WIN UW TEAM, that thing could have gone the other way.

Then you hear that Brink has grown an inch to be 6-3, and has put on anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds of pure muscle, well, who knows!?!?

Another case could be made that Brink has just been better this summer. He’s not been a total superstar, but everything you read and hear, he’s been the better player. He had a good spring, and he’s played pretty well this summer. If you put 2 and 2 together, it sure feels like Brink has a better than legit shot at this. It almost feels like they are greasing the skids to make this move if you ask me. Given the other side of things, that Swogger wasn’t elected team captain again, it makes you wonder what the players really think of their QB’s? Just hope they don’t get split down the middle, because we know for sure how ugly QB controversies can tear a team apart!

When you think of the weapons they’ll have this year, Harrison a 1,000 yd back, Hill a 1,000 yd receiver, Troy B a great TE, Bumpus in the slot, Chris Jordan on the other side?? That’s a lot of talent on offense. The tools are in place. If Swoggs still CAN’T get it done with this group, either in scrimmages or against Idaho, well, they MUST go to Brink if he doesn’t win the job outright. If he can’t get it done, say, down at Nevada? Then go to Gary Rogers or Cole Morgan or (shudder) Arkelon Hall, any other QB on the roster who can get it done! The window of opportunity is too small to screw around at QB again. Last year was our learning year, to see what Swoggs and Brink could do given the opportunity, THIS YEAR IS FOR WINNING GAMES, period, end of story. I would hate to see them blow a real chance to finish in the upper division this year by messing around at the most important position on the field. I would hate to send Will Derting out another down season for a kid that has meant so much to the program, all the way back to 2002.

Lawson says:
I like the Auburn deal…simply put, we need to have a big boy out of conference if we want to contend nationally. and losing a close one on the road early actually BOOSTS your credibility (see Ohio State Gesser’s last year).Cuz without one, you face the REAL possibility of being last year’s Auburn and being shut-out after an undefeated season….I mean, can you imagine? We go 11-0 this year and wind up out of the national championship game and at #2. How painful would that be???????????So, lets hope we stay healthy through September and then roll out the ball…we okay, we okay, we okay…

Sean says:
I DON’T like the Auburn deal, unless we are 100% guaranteed to get a return trip. Auburn is famous for never leaving the south, and this year they play their first FIVE GAMES at home! Meanwhile, we go down there in early September when it’s 95 and 90% humidity, we’ll be dead for two weeks.

Look at the Beavs last year, they lose a total heart-breaker, and then they lose to Boise State. Their minds and bodies took weeks to get over that one, and one of the big reasons Doba has always been against the idea of playing Georgia between the hedges early in the year is because he’s convinced it takes two full weeks to recover from that heat. Supposedly Georgia approached us early last year and wanted us to come on down. We went and asked Georgia if they would do a home-and-home in the Georgia Dome and Qwest Field, NOT in Athens, but they said “uh, no thanks”. Doba’s said so many times on his radio show. When you aren’t from down there and really have no clue about what a sauna it really is just standing still, let alone playing against NFL talent at every freakin’ position, well, it’s brutal. I could see a humiliating, punishing, physically blown-out 45-6 loss down there with 400 rushing yards allowed, I really do. $850K makes the hurt go away in the front office when you are trying to get the stadium renovation off the ground, and that’s clearly the motivation combined with the gate appeal of a Cougs – Auburn Tigers game at Qwest in the future, but would it ruin our 2006 season in the proces??

I don’t know man, damned if you do, damned if you don’t!?!?

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