10 Most Common Misunderstandings Related to Slot Games

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As humans, we all have a strong desire to control the outcome. This leads to serious miscalculations and misunderstandings while playing slot machines. Although a part of our brain knows that the outcome of slot machines are based on Random Number Generators and hence can’t be controlled, we, as humans, do desire to control the outcome. 

Since the advent of online casinos like Casino Club, we are driven by a psychological bias and hence incur losses while playing casino slot games. The 10 mistakes described here can generally be divided into the categories which are common mistakes made by all, wrong decisions in slot selection, and strategy mistakes. 

Common Mistakes Made by All

1. We can control the outcome. There is really no point in reiterating the obvious as the outcome of every spin is independent of spin history. Every single spin can have a different outcome. Hence, there is really no way to control the outcome. This should be our golden rule. 

2. Vulture technique. The cliche shown in movies where the hero walks in after a player has lost big and hits the jackpot in a very short time all because he has been watching like a vulture is nothing but nonsense. It simply violates our golden rule. 

3. Hot and cold machines. There is a popular argument that casino operators can manipulate the outcomes of machines by accessing their Random Number Generators. This makes some machines jackpot-earners while the others become loss-making graves. This argument does not make any point. Casinos have no role in dictating the outcomes. However, to be on a safe side, players are advised to go with reputable online casinos.

Making Wrong Decisions in Slot Selection

4. Slots are boring. I will be damned if you prove to me that slots are boring. With amazing graphics, entertaining characters, and fabulous stories, slot machines offer the best way of entertainment in a relaxing and soothing environment. After a tiring day, watching your favourite character popping up on the screen is nothing but soothing. 

5. Only old people play slots. Let’s face it! Slots are fun and presenting them as entertainment of old people is nothing but silly. If you are not playing slots because of this cliched reason, you are probably missing a lot of fun along with some potential money.

6. Slots suck. Since slot outcomes are dependent on luck, irrespective of playing skills, slot machines are discarded by serious gamblers. It is a grave mistake as slots do need an elaborate strategy like placing bets, deciding a bet size, picking the gamble option or walking away with wins. This is an urban myth created by propagators of other gambling games. Slot machines offer high entertainment without adding any additional stress on the player.

7. Progressive slots are better for beginners. It is one of the most widely circulated myths in the industry. Normal slots have an average payout rate above 95%, while those with progressive jackpots often see the payout rates dipping as low as 91%. The idea of taking a million home while keeping only $20 at stake is luring but inconsequential. Be happy to walk away with $100 rather than zero if you are a beginner. This is exactly why progressive jackpots are not the best for beginners. 

Strategy Mistakes

8. Not having the benefit of promotional offers. If you fall in the traps such as this, you are probably losing money deliberately. Slot clubs are probably one of the best ways to save some money. Savvy players grab the offers made by casinos and use this money to win big. If you become a regular, more attractive offers can come your way. 

9. Avoiding low RTP slots. Although it is true that low RTP slots have lower returns to the player, they can’t be considered as options wasting your time. Some of the low RTP slot machines have the highest jackpots available for low stakes.

10. Winning is easy. I have saved the hard truth for the last. If you still think that winning in slots is easy, you were not paying attention probably. With a completely random game outcome, winning in slots is never easy. It is a game of luck and should you be lucky, you can definitely win big in slot machines. While you can’t control the outcome, you can surely control your own recklessness when making stakes. This way, players can minimise losses and increase chances of winning. 

To sum it up, online slots have expanded the horizons of gambling and thus offer a fine and neat way of quality entertainment along with chances of winning it big if luck plays well. With online casino slot machines, players can now enjoy betting right from their own homes. Avoiding the common mistakes made by many rookie players, gamblers can definitely maximise their own chances of making a killing.

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