10/02: Jaret Wright (5-4, 5.97) @ Curt Schilling (7-8, 5.98)

If you’d told me that, on the last day of the season, Curt Schilling would be facing off against Jaret Wright with a share of the AL East title – as well as a playoff spot – on the line, I’d have gotten up and done a 15 minute dance of joy. If you’d then told me that at that point, Jaret Wright would have a better W/L record and a slghtly better ERA than Schill, I’d have laughed in your face. That’s the kind of season it’s been, and barring one and only one scenario that will be how the regular season ends today at Fenway.
If the Red Sox win, we will share the division title with the Yankees (for the purposes of playoff seeding, and for those purposes only, the Yankees will be declared Division winners) and will clinch the Wild Card berth in the ALDS vs. the Chicago White Sox.
If the Cleveland Indians lose, we will be guaranteed the playoff berth as the Wild Card.
If the Red Sox lose and the Indians win, there will be a one-game playoff at Fenway on Monday to decide the Wild Card slot.
The solution is clear, and it’s been the same solution all week:
Win today.
I will be at Fenway for the festivities, and I expect to see Jason Varitek leap into the waiting arms of Mike Timlin at approximately 5:00 pm. Win today.

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