10/1 News-n-notes

Spokesman review has a story about the long list of injuries and what the forecast is for the next few games:


Also, FoxSports announced last night that it was picking up the Oregon-WSU game. Originally the game was scheduled to be a No-TV, 2PM kickoff, but it has now been moved to 7 PM. I guess that’s ok, I’m not wild about night games but on the flip side, that makes us 5-for-5 on LIVE TV this year! Remember back when we were students, and we MIGHT get one or two games televised live??

Off topic – What was your take on the debate? I think the spin was predictible, each side claiming victory. I tell you what, though, as a Kerry supporter, I think it was clear that John looked and sounded “Presidential”. Some media outlets have called it anywhere from a slight lean to Kerry to a Kerry victory. But if you watch Fox News (don’t ever watch it, it’s so right-wing it’s frightening) they say Bush won! So whatever. A poll of over 2 million people at MSNBC have given Kerry the win by a 62-38% margin in their online poll, but that’s so very unscientific.

Then again, usually with debate #1, the incumbent is just playing defense while the challenger attacks, and that’s just what we saw??

What was beautiful was to see some of dubya’s reactions and at times he really looked flustered. His long pauses to me made him look more like a guy who didn’t know what to say, and less like he was pausing for the drama. I’m glad Kerry called Bush out on the carpet for his “the enemy attacked US” quote. No, Mr. President, AL QAEDA attacked America, not Iraq! Beautiful response to a question that both sides needed to hear. I can’t wait for the next one next Friday!

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