10/5: David Wells (0-0, -.–) @ Mark Buerhle (0-0, -.–)

The Red Sox didn’t play their game last night, not even walking ONCE. They need to do this to win, so let’s see what happens today. Conteras succeeded where he hadn’t before because he stayed positive and aggressive and ATTACKED THE ZONE. He threw strikes. He struggled when he started nibbling, and Ozzie Guillen went out there. The announcers theorized it was because Ozzie speaks Spanish. I disagree. He went out there to tell Contreras to throw the stinking ball in the zone, and stop nibbling.
Also, Matt Clement. The announcers said Clement said in the offseason he is going to revamp his mechanics to make it easier to field … which means he doesnt trust his mechanics right now, which means he’s holding back. His WHIP post-beaning was 1.43, while it was 1.33 before. Walks Per Inning – .328 before. .413 after. (Thanks to Fire Brand statistican guru Mike B. for these!)
Below is reprinted from Exile in Wrigleyville
The memories of Game 1 for the White Sox will fade fast if they don

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