10/7 Freddy Garcia (0-0, -.–) @ Tim Wakefield (0-0, -.–)

I spoke with Vince Galloro about the upcoming game today (this conversation was last night, so please remember that when you read ‘last night’ we are speaking of Game Two) and here are our thoughts…
Evan Brunell: Game Two was a pretty good game, of course it was better for the White Sox. Tony Graffanino is (unfairly, in my opinion) the scapegoat of the game (and probably the season). A lot of Red Sox fans have been getting on him, and boston.com polled people to see where they would rank the error, one being “big deal” and ten being “buckner-esque”. 7 and 8 rank first, then 1 and 10, much to my chagrin. This game was not lost in the fifth inning, with an error that did not score any runs. The White Sox simply were the better team. Anyways, I was encouraged a bit more by the Sox. Better pitching, defense, and offense.
Evan Brunell: Not enough offense, though – we can’t win putting up four spots (which is kind of sad, but that’s how it is). Game Two is something I want the Red Sox to quickly put behind them. They came out with adrenaline after having their brains beat in in Game One, and it’s important they forget Game Two ASAP and focus on what they’ve been able to do in the last two playoffs – come back from the brink to win a series.
Vince Galloro: The Red Sox were poised for big innings in the first and third — especially in the third, when four of the first five batters reached base — but they couldn’t strike the big blow with runners on base against Mark Buehrle.
Evan Brunell: Would you say this game was won by the White Sox or lost by the Red Sox?
Vince Galloro: I’d say it was won by the White Sox. They held the Red Sox scoreless for six innings to close out the game. And when the door of opportunity opened, they rushed through it.
Vince Galloro: I am sorry that this win had to come at the expense of Tony Graffanino. I have always liked him as a player — he was on the previous White Sox playoff team — and I thought he handled the reporters after the game in a very stand-up manner. I bought my dad a game-worn Graffanino jersey last year for Father’s Day.
Evan Brunell: Wow, that’s an awesome jersey to have.
Vince Galloro: He really likes it, but he won’t wear it until this series is over. Graffanino was his favorite player when he played for the South Siders.
Evan Brunell: Well, putting Graffanino aside (although I’m sure he’ll atone for his error in Game Three!) I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this fact: Game Three is vitally important for each team. The Red Sox for obvious purposes, the White Sox to bury the Red Sox. Don’t want to give the Red Sox a chance to come back, right? How do you think the White Sox will approach this game?
Vince Galloro: I don’t think the White Sox will approach it any differently than they approach any other game. They’ll look to score a run or two early — probably by driving me nuts with some one-run, “smallball” strategies — and they’ll continue to lean on their starting pitching, in the case of Friday’s game, Freddy Garc

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