1st Blog (Originally posted on Blogit June 16, 2004)

This is going to the first in a series of blogs on my favorite subjects.

Since this will be in the sports category, the main topic will be about the Boston Red Sox. Other topics will include the New England sports media, Sports television in general, the Cleveland Browns and University of Rhode Island basketball. However, there will be times when I veer off into a different direction. For instance, I am obsessed with the show “24”. I cannot get enough of the show, even as it is in the offseason. Also, I’ll throw in a blog or two about “Survivor”. So you can see that this will focus on sports and a little bit of pop culture. If I get inspired, perhaps you’ll get other musings, but I’ll try to keep it to sports.

I hope you will enjoy this blog. Feel free to send comments and constructive criticism.

Some things you should know. My name is Ken. I live in Rhode Island. I used to work in radio in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I’m out of the business and I’m focusing on obtaining my Master’s degree in Education. I hope to teach US History in high school. If any schools in RI are looking for a history teacher, please contact me. I’ll be graduating in the spring of 2005. But enough pleading from me.

As you can see I’m a Red Sox fan. I’ve been suffering since 1971. I can go into the long list of setbacks of this team, but they’re well documented and no need to go into them here. Since I was in radio and still have the business in my blood, I’ll also write on the relationship between the New England sports media and the Red Sox. There will be plenty of fodder there, especially in the wake of the recent controversy between Curt Schilling and Boston Herald columnist Tony Massarotti. And every once in a while, I’ll just go off the beaten path.

For this blog, I’ll keep it short. I’ll update this later with a blog on the aforementioned brouhaha between Schilling and Tony Maz.

I hope you’ll join us.


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