2 quick notes

1) Talked to my man Todd, and he heard it out of the mouth of Doba himself, last night, that they feel “VERY confident” that we will get Stewart. Weird deal, though, due to NCAA recruiting rules, Doba had to fly back to Pullman last night, then this AM he had to get back on a plane back over here to go see Stewart in his home. NCAA rules are strict about # of coaches on the road recruiting at one time, and he had to return to Pullman before he could do a recruiting trip. Weird!

2) Even bigger news, Todd today for the first time saw BRAND NEW SKETCHES of the stadium renovation! It looks AMAZING and unlike anything we’ve seen yet floating around, and they are THIS close to accepting the project with the contractor. It won’t be like the other sketches that have been floating around. The news could be broken, officially, on Friday, 2/25, for the WSU football banquet over here on the west side. They are working Paul Allen hard for the initial big donation (as in multi-millions) and so far the progress has been excellent. They want to launch the campaign publicly with Paul Allen in the fold, makes sense to me. He also said that they still have the waiting list for season tickets, so even after a 5-6 season the Coug spirit is as strong as ever.

On the stadium, not much he could really describe, just that it’s very different than what we’ve seen from the other architects. It looks great. He says he will share the pics with me, so, stay tuned. Todd has been sworn to not share these pics with anyone, don’t email them, anything like that, so he might sneak them “under the radar” so to speak…..Oh yeah, the seating capacity with be 46,900.

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