2009 MMA Manifesto Submission of the Year

With another year almost in the books, it is time for The MMA Manifesto to hand out its Best of 2009 awards.  Up first – Submission of the Year.

Some MMA fighters do an exceptional job of putting the “art” in mixed martial arts.  These fighters seem to find a way to always be graceful, creative and unique in their efforts to slay their opponent in the ring or cage.  And, on the rare occasion, one of these fighters will pull off a move that is so rare or new that it will leave fans’ mouths agape.  That was the case on May 1st of this year in the Bellator Fighting Championship Lightweight Tournament Semi-Finals.  Journeyman fighter Toby Imada pulled off The MMA Manifesto’s Submission of the Year versus Jorge Masvidal with a standing inverted triangle choke.




Others worth noting: WEC’s Brad Pickett’s Peruvian necktie.


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