2011 Big Ten Season Review: Final Standings and Major Bowls

Below is a summary of predictions for the Big Ten this season. I’m calling for an improved Big Ten, top to bottom, with nine of twelve bowl participants and a 5-4 bowl record. However, without a national title contender (I see Wisconsin falling away in November), the conference still won’t pull even with the SEC.

Click on each link to read the story of how the team ended up where they did. For added embarrassment for me later this season, I threw in my BCS bowl predictions as well.


Michigan State 9-3, 6-2—Outback W over Mississippi State

Nebraska 8-4, 4-4—Gator W over Florida

Iowa 7-5, 4-4—Kraft Fight Hunger L to Stanford

Michigan 8-4, 4-4—Capital One W over South Carolina

Northwestern 6-6, 4-4—Insight L to Oklahoma State

Minnesota 4-8, 1-7


Penn State 10-2, 7-1—Rose L to Oregon

Wisconsin 10-2, 6-2—Fiesta W over Notre Dame

Ohio State 8-4, 5-3

Illinois 7-5, 4-4—Meineke Car Care L to Texas Tech

Purdue 6-6, 3-5—Little Caesar’s W over Toledo

Indiana 3-9, 1-7

BCS Bowls

Sugar Bowl—Alabama (12-2) over South Florida (9-4)

Orange—Florida State (11-2) over Central Florida (13-1)

Rose—Oregon (11-3) over Penn State (11-3)

Fiesta—Wisconsin (11-2) over Notre Dame (9-4)

Championship—Oklahoma (13-0) over Georgia (12-2)

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