2012 NBA Draft: Top prospects sit out combine’s day 2, Kings interview guards and forwards

According to reports coming out of Chicago, a somewhat disappointing showing highlighted day two of the the NBA Draft Combine.  Many of the top prospects chose not to participate in today’s group workouts and drills.  The following players opted to pass on Thursday’s showcase:

  1. Anthony Davis
  2. Bradley Beal
  3. Harrison Barnes
  4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
  5. Thomas Robinson
  6. Andre Drummond
  7. Jeremy Lamb
  8. Dion Waiters
  9. Austin Rivers
  10. Arnett Moultrie

Participation should improve tomorrow with players undergoing athletic tests and physical measurements.  However, some of that information is already being leaked and reported by media in attendance.  Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports shared a few player measurements on Twitter, including a potential Kings’ target.


So who have the Kings interviewed?  According to tweets from Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, so far they’ve spoken to two guards and two forwards.

http://storify.com/itsjonsantiago/2012-draft-combine-tweets.js[View the story “2012 Draft Combine Tweets” on Storify]

During the four-hour broadcast, ESPN’s Andy Katz caught up and spoke with various prospects.  Transcribed below are his conversations with Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and Baylor’s Perry Jones III.

Thomas Robinson

What have you been doing since that April night (losing the national championship to Kentucky) in New Orleans?

You know, I think I took about a week and a half off and (then) got right back in the gym and start preparing for this.

Now obviously you’re in competition for basically anywhere from two to probably five.  What do you think you need to show teams like Charlotte or Cleveland that you could potentially be in that top group?

That I’m going to be instant production.  That I’m going to come in and that I’ll be ready to play right away.

You obviously have been able to show that you can score in the low post in college.  What else though specifically do you think you have to prove to these NBA teams?

That I can hit shots on a consistent basis.  I don’t think a lot people will call me a dead-(eye) shooter, so I just want to show them that off pick-and-rolls, I can hit open shots or whenever I get the ball, I can come away two points or a foul.

Katz also asked Robinson about possibly being selected by the Washington Wizards, his hometown team.  Robinson said it would hold great meaning for him to come back to D.C., but “at the same time, I’m just happy to get anywhere.”

Perry Jones

A little bit of a surprise that you came.  Certainly, some of the other potential lottery picks have chosen not to participate on Thursday, but they will be here on Friday.  Why did you decide to play today?

I just wanted to play.  Get some shots up,  get a good workout in, that’s all I wanted to do.  I just told my agent that I do want to participate.  You know, this is a once a lifetime opportunity.

Obviously, some of sort of the constructive criticism is that they’re not sure what Perry Jones they’re going to see in a particular game.  How do you combat that?

Just show them out here.  Show them every time I work out and when the games come, just show them that I’m not the same Perry Jones I was in college.

Which Perry Jones was that?

Very modest, laid-back, didn’t have a motor and got down himself when he missed shots.  Did you see I missed shots and I didn’t get down on myself once.

So, what changed the most since the end of Baylor’s season against Kentucky?

My confidence rose.  I have more confidence in my shot, no matter if I miss or make.  Just stay confident and go onto the next shot.


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