3 Teams Georgia’s Anthony Edwards Worked Out With

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Georgia vs Mississippi

On Wednesday, Georgia draft prospect Anthony Edwards revealed three teams that he worked out with this offseason.

Next week, Anthony Edwards will officially be considered a former member of the Georgia Bulldogs men’s basketball team. Where will he end up next? Soon enough, we’ll find out.

The pre-draft process has been anything but typical for NBA franchises this year. With the COVID-19 pandemic still limiting the process of the offseason, teams are working with what they’ve got.

At the least, teams have had the opportunity to conduct virtual interviews and workouts to get to know incoming prospects. One player every team would probably like to get to know is Georgia’s, Anthony Edwards.

But not every team used one of their limited workouts on him because he’s not expected to stay on the board for long. Edwards knows he’s a top-three pick in this year’s draft. And lately, he’s been doing all he can to become the NBA’s first overall pick in 2020.

Recently, the Georgia prospect has had the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of three organizations. On Wednesday, Edwards revealed the three teams that requested a workout.

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