3rd in the race for Stewart

Well, sadly I report that it looks like WSU will lose out on Jonathan Stewart. Inside word told me this afternoon that he has fallen hard for Eugene after his trip last weekend, and is loving the Oregon green right now, his Mom included. The whispers are he is THIS close to verbally committing and was wanting to do it this Saturday during the San Antonio all-star game on national TV, but is backing off that now for one main reason – he’s giving Tyrone Willingham one more shot at him, next week. He will talk to him after he returns to San Antonio, might even make his official visit to UW next weekend, but then he’s pulling the trigger. Sadly, we lost out on one HELL of a player and he will be something else to watch. Oregon leads in a landslide, UW is a pretty distant second, and to say that WSU is a distant third and fading fast down the stretch would be an understatement.

Not making any of this up, I sure wish I was, but he’s not coming to WSU, that much is for sure.

ON the bright side (and there’s always a bright side), recruiting has been going well. As soon as Stewart verbals to the Ducks (or UW, maybe?) watch the Cougs move fast on a JC RB named Dantargan Johnson, a big-time, Jermaine Green-type bruiser with good speed and could step in right away. The Cougs have had him in the wings just in case, and heck, they may even get word before the official announcement by Stewart, so if you see us land a running back in the next week-and-a-half, well, that’s all you need to know.

More specifics soon, but a bit of a sad evening for Coug fans everywhere that held out hope that the #1 running back in America would be in Crimson and grey. Would have been fun to watch. Now it’ll just hurt that much more as he runs for 2,000 yards in Autzen!

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