5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

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Super Bowl season is upon us so it is time to revel in NFL history.

In this history lesson, we will look at the top five players to never win a Super Bowl.

Some of these players had a chance to play in a Super Bowl but never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.

Though it is the ultimate goal for every NFL player, it is an elusive one that only a select few (with the exception of Tom Brady) are able to experience even once in a career.

Without further ado, the top five are as follows.

Dan Marino

5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

With his talent and natural ability, it is a crime that quarterback Dan Marino only made it to one Super Bowl.

In his second NFL season, his Miami Dolphins lost to Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers by the score of 38-16 in the 1985 Super Bowl.

Marino’s Dolphins were postseason contenders in 10 of his 17 seasons, but he never got a second chance to play in the big game.

He retired with 155 career wins and has the dubious honor of being the quarterback who earned the most wins without a Super Bowl championship.

Randy Moss

5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

Randy Moss was one of the best wide receivers of his generation, but he never won a Super Bowl.

He appeared in 15 postseason games, 12 with the Minnesota Vikings during their playoff runs in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2004.

Moss teamed up with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and played in Super Bowl 42 in 2008.

He caught what he hoped would be the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl against the New York Giants with 2:42 left in the game.

It was not to be as Eli Manning led the Giants on a championship-winning drive.

Barry Sanders

5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

Barry Sanders was the most talented player on the Detroit Lions for his entire ten-year career from 1989-1998.

His effortless running style and ability to evade tacklers looked more like dancing than power running.

Sanders appeared in six postseason games during his career scoring only one touchdown.

He was named to the Pro Bowl each of his ten seasons but unfortunately never played in the big game.

Joe Thomas

5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

Offensive tackles are generally not at the forefront of these Super Bowl discussions, but Joe Thomas is one who is.

He spent his 11-year career with the Cleveland Browns from 2007-2017, playing in 167 career regular season games.

Those years with the Browns were tough ones including the infamous 0-16 2016 season, but Thomas continued to play at a high level and was named to ten Pro Bowls during his career.

He is a candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

J.J. Watt

5 Best NFL Players To Never Win A Super Bowl

Recently retired defensive end J.J. Watt has racked up many individual honors, but a Super Bowl championship was never in the cards for him.

He appeared in nine playoff games (eight with the Houston Texans and one with the Arizona Cardinals) during his 12-year career from 2011-2022.

Watt is certainly a first-ballot Hall of Famer who will forever be considered at his peak to be one of the best to ever play his position.

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