5 reasons why choosing the right type of cricket shoes are important:

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Choosing the right type of shoes is often ignored when it comes to playing cricket as it is given consideration only when someone has to play football or basketball. However, the truth is that, if you cannot run or play comfortably in the field due to your shoes, you can never give your best. 

Cricket shoes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People choose when they find themselves to be comfortable.  You need to be wary while choosing shoes because:

5 reasons why choosing the right type of cricket shoes are important:
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1. Comfort should be the top priority:

Although you don’t have to run as much as you do while playing football or any game of the same ilk, you still need to be comfortable in your shoes. Imagine wearing tight shoes and then only standing behind the wickets. Do you feel it to be convenient to fit yourself in this scenario?

Your shoes should neither be too tight nor too loose when you are in the field. So, go for the size of the shoes which is appropriate for you and fits you nicely

2. They are needed for a suitable posture:

Many players face the problem of the wrong posture because of excessive physical exertion. When you wear shoes of the right type, you are likely to correct your posture. A batsman needs high-quality shoes in order to stand straight on the field and give some good shots while standing on the pitch. A bowler also needs to maintain his posture with shoes with a good grip. Spikes are considered to be the best type of shoes especially when you need to maintain your posture. You can find cricket spikes shoes

3. Shoes with reasonable threading offer more friction:

When you have to frequently run on the field, you need shoes with a better ground grip.  Shoes that are specifically designed for playing cricket usually have threading on their bottom that provides a considerable amount of friction. Slipping on the field while running after the ball is never acceptable. So, you need to have a strong grip so you don’t slip no matter what. It is recommended to go for shoes that are particularly designed for crickets instead of buying any athletic shoes 

5 reasons why choosing the right type of cricket shoes are important:
Players scramble as they go after the ball rolling on the pitch.
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4. Shoes with strong sole offer many benefits:

One of the biggest mistakes cricketers make is choosing shoes without giving much consideration to the sole. The outsole of the shoes can never be ignored by a cricketer. If the sole is sturdy, they will help you get a strong grip and also increase blood circulation in your body which is imperative for a sportsman. If the outsole of the shoes is strong, it will help you maintain your blood pressure also. Due to this fact, most of the cricketers buy spike shoes. 

5. They offer to cushion:

Players also need cushioning especially when the match lasts for many hours. choosing the right shoes will help you stay in the field without getting tired. 

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