5 Things to Look Forward to This Cricket Season


The sun is out, the birds are singing, and spring is definitely in the air! 

This can only mean one thing for many cricket fans: soon, we will see the cricket season’s return! After the year we have had, this is possibly one of the most welcome returns of sport in the world.

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Looking forward

There is a lot to look forward to this year in cricket, and for many cricket fans, it will be a year like no other! With new tournaments, new players, and a return to good cricket with some of the underdogs taking center stage.

Fans will be ready to get involved and get watching the exciting games that are still to happen, and they will be discussing batting techniques, the fastest bowlers, and of course, finding the best cricket odds for their online bets.

Five things that fans are sure to be looking forward to as we head into the 2021 cricket season.

The Return of The Country Cricket Season

Traditionally, the county cricket season starts around mid-April, and with the recent announcements about restrictions relaxations from the government, this is likely to go ahead, even if there are some changes to the schedule.

While there is a postponement in place, it is hoped that the start of the season will bring county cricket back into the open and in front of fans again after a long break.

The Hundred

A long-promised game, The Hundred is limited to 100 balls per team and is known as short-form cricket.

This brand-new tournament is due to start in the UK and carry on throughout July and August, and many fans are hopeful to see the start of this new tournament and this new way of playing the great game.

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Middlesex Vs Surrey

The Middlesex vs Surrey match is due to take place on the 10th of June and promises to be a great match between two capable teams.

While Middlesex may have struggled last year, some of the youngest squad members have proven themselves, with fantastic performances, especially from Luke Hollman, Joe Cracknell, and Max Holden.

On the other hand, Surrey has had a fantastic last year; they lost only one of their group matches and won the other seven.

New Zealand Going for The Win

While India and Australia are normally the popular favorites for the top-ranking test teams, the underdog of this year has been New Zealand; and at this rate, it could be either in New Zealand, India, or Australia who takes the top position.

It will be interesting to see how New Zealand continues after their fantastic performance so far in international cricket.

Finals Day

Finals Day is a popular day for any cricket fan because it is always a promising match, and being held on the 18th of September, there is a strong hope that it will be a match to finish off a memorable season, hopefully in front of a large live crowd.

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