5 Things We Have Learned So Far In The 2023 French Open


The 2023 French Open is not over yet.

There are some juicy semifinal and final matches in the tennis fans’ future over the next three days.

We have learned some things already which are worth mentioning.

Here are the five things we have learned so far in this year’s French Open.

1. Technology And Tennis Work Together Well

The reason we know that technology and tennis are good together is because the French Open does not utilize technology.

We have endured painfully poor calls by umpires because they are utilizing their bare eyes.

If I see another umpire get out of his or her chair and verify an in or out call by spotting a ball mark among many, I could scream.

Thankfully, the other Grand Slams use technology so we do not have to endure this awkwardness elsewhere.

2. Alexander Zverev Should Not Require A Bathroom Break For An Insulin Shot

This one seemed to come out of left field.

Alexander Zverev has been diabetic since he was a child.

He carries a bag onto the court with him and could require multiple insulin shots depending on the conditions and length of his matches.

The umpires and/or the French Tennis Federation did not want him to inject his thigh with insulin on a changeover because they thought it looked bad.

It is not clear why it looks bad when diabetes is a well-known disease that many around the world deal with.

3. There Is A Virus Going Around, And Elena Rybakina Was A Victim

Unfortunately, Elena Rybakina had to withdraw from the French Open on June 3 because she was very ill with a virus that she was told was going around Paris.

She had difficulty breathing and suffered a fever and headaches, and even though she has not played in days, she is still struggling to recover from it.

4. Women’s Matches Are Not Featured

Even though tournament director Amelie Mauresmo is a former WTA player, there still is a disconnect with the scheduling of the featured night match each evening in Paris.

Only one night throughout the tournament did we see a women’s match featured and that was between Aryna Sabalenka and Sloane Stephens, two former Grand Slam champions.

It feels as though there is a disparity there that needs to be examined and improved upon because the quality of tennis in the women’s semifinals is indicative of compelling tennis that deserves prime-time billing at Roland Garros.

5. Rafael Nadal Is Amazing

For those fans who admired Rafael Nadal’s 14 wins at Roland Garros, this is not newsworthy.

But for others who watched the men’s seeds fall by the wayside in the first week, it is hard to ignore the level of excellence Nadal achieved year after year at this tournament.

He fully deserves the statue outside of Roland Garros, and arguably one of the courts should be named after him at some point down the line.

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