5 Years After Eagles Super Bowl Win, Quarterbacks Nick Foles And Carson Wentz Are Free Agents

Nick Foles Carson Wentz

If anyone would have looked through a crystal ball in 2018 after the Philadelphia Eagles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, no one would have expected that two of the three quarterbacks on the roster (QB3 Nate Sudfeld is with the Detroit Lions) would be free agents five years later.

Carson Wentz, 30, the Eagles’ second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft was playing at an MVP level during the 2017 season but has bounced from team to team in recent years.

Stops in Indianapolis, reuniting with Frank Reich who was his Eagles offensive coordinator, and Washington did not give Wentz’s career the second wind it needed.

Now, his QB2 turned Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, 34, is also out of a job.

Foles had stints in Jacksonville and Chicago before being released by his most recent team, the Indianapolis Colts, on Friday, May 5.

Is this the end of the road for both of their NFL careers?

The jury is out on Wentz who has dealt with multiple injuries.

However, Foles could potentially be an affordable backup for an NFL team.

Could Foles Reunite With The Eagles In 2023?

Would it not be fitting for Foles to come back to Philadelphia?

He publicly said that Philly was his favorite place to play, and Lincoln Financial Field has a statue of Foles and Doug Pederson crafting the legendary Philly Special play.


The reality is the Eagles have a lot of quarterbacks on the roster so there may not be room for Foles.

In addition to Jalen Hurts, the Eagles signed Marcus Mariota as his backup.

The team also has former Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book on the roster since 2022, and at last week’s 2023 NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Stanford quarterback Tanner McKee in the sixth round.

Foles will always be a hero in Philadelphia, but it seems unlikely he will be on the 2023 quarterback roster.

Whenever he decides to retire, he can and should sign the ceremonial one-day contract and retire with the Eagles.

What It Means

It is hard not to consider how NFL teams are signing franchise quarterbacks to huge five-year deals, yet five years is a very long life span for a quarterback especially if injuries and coaching changes make a difference in his performance.

For better or worse, franchise quarterbacks have to deliver, or the team is out a lot of money, and draft picks (in some cases).

The Eagles rebounded with the astute drafting of Jalen Hurts, but it does not always turn out that well.

As for Wentz and Foles, their future is very uncertain.

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