Top Ten Ugliest Baseball Players

Let’s face it, not all baseball players are destined to be named Sexiest Man Alive by People or make a GQ’s Best Dressed list.  Some are destined to be, well…not.

Frankly, it’s lists like the one below follows that really help you get through the day.  And feel better about yourself.

Today, I present to you, from the warped mind of super card collector (and Hall contributor) Bo Rosny…the Top Ten Ugliest Baseball Players.

10.  Rob Mallicoat
That tiny mustache isn’t helping anything.

9.  Rafael Ramirez
He should never be allowed to open his mouth. Ever.

8.  Ralph Citarella
Another one who can’t keep his mouth closed. And are his eyebrows shaped?

7.  Johnny Dickshot
His nickname was “Ugly”. Also a candidate for the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

6.  Jeffrey Leonard
Nicknames got more creative by the 1980s. His was “Penitentiary Face”.

5.  Willie McGee
If there was a Hall of Fame for ugly he would be a first-ballot HOFer.

4.  Aaron Harang
The first zombie in the history of Major League Baseball.

3.  Andy EtchebarrenYou don’t have to grow a Johnny-Damon like beard to look like a caveman.

2.  Don MossiEven if his ears weren’t as big as dinner plates, he’d still be one of the ugliest ballplayers of all time.

1.  Tyrone Hill
He’d be a good-looking guy if not for that eye.

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