53 man roster prediction: part 4 – The final cuts!

Last week, final cuts. Next week the cuts will have been made before I can collect everyone their input. Safe from anyone standing out in the last game this is pretty much the list that we are going with.
There were few changes in the roster. I will only mention one. Jon Dorenbos. The Longsnapper we traded for. I assume with that new information all of our writers would have selected Dorenbos instead of Dresscher to make the final 53.
Also Payton gave some new information; Breaux is on time table to go to IR and then return. Also Armstead might not go on PUP. The return timetable for PUP and IR are the same so that statement would mean Armstead will be part of the active roster week 1. I myself think he will be on PUP still. But some of us did not.
Note when making final cuts; there is now NO more IR designated to return. It is just IR and you can name TWO guys to return when they are eligible. Next to returning 2 IR guys you can return any PUP guy as well. Since Armstead has been on PUP since start of camp he will be eligible for PUP for the season.
  • Anthony is completely gone.
  • Bighill is picking up steam
  • The O-line is still a mess in depth.
  • Breaux is to IR.
  • Drescher magically disappeared and was unanimously replaced by Dorenbos.

Writers” contributing (I am using parentheses because of Andrew):

The positions

  • QB
    1. Brees, Daniel
  • RB
    1. Ingram, Kamara, Peterson
    2. Lasco (AJ, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Victor (BB)
    4. Edmunds (BP)
  • FB
    1. Kuhn
  • WR
    1. Coleman, Ginn, Snead, Thomas
    2. Lewis (AJ, BB, RD, MP)
  • TE
    1. Fleener, Hill, Hoomanawanui
  • T
    1. Ramczyk, Strief
    2. Barnes (BB, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Bryce Harris (AJ, RD)
    4. Armstead (BB)
  • G
    1. Kelemete, Peat, Warford
    2. Turner (BP, RD)
    3. Fullington (MP)
  • C
    1. Unger
    2. LeRibeus (AJ, BB, RD, MP)
  • DT
    1. Davison, Onyemata, Rankins, McDaniel
    2. Loewen (BB, BP)
  • DE
    1. Hendrickson, Jordan, Okafor, Kikaha, Muhammad
    2. Gwacham (BB, MP)
    3. Tapp (AJ)
  • LB
    1. Anzalone, Klein, Robertson, Stupar, Te’o
    2. Bighill (AJ, BB, RD)
    3. Mauti (BP, MP)
    4. Braman (AJ)
  • CB
    1. Crawley, Lattimore, Moore, P.J. Williams
    2. De’Vante Harris (AJ, BP, RD, MP)
    3. Maulet (BP)
  • S
    1. Banjo, Bush, Vaccaro, Marcus Williams, Bell
  • K
    1. Lutz
  • P
    1. Morstead
  • LS
    1. Dorenbos

A few notes:

  • As far as Armstead is not on a roster he is going to PUP.
  • As far as Breaux and Anthony are not on a roster they are going to IR. Sean can select 2 of them to return if and when healthy.
  • Gwatcham might be traded for a conditional 6th pick according to Andrew.
  • We have consensus on all but 8 guys now.
  • Position battles to look for in game 4:
    • There are 2 spots at the depth of WR and RB not set yet. How do these guys perform? Victor and Edmunds are on the inside looking in where Lewis and Lasco are on the inside looking out.
    • Is any backup tackle good enough to stay on this roster instead of being cut for a waiver guy?
    • Which DE/LB can make an impact in on defense or in special teams to secure the one spot left that is up for grabs?
    • Is there any TE that makes it impossible for Payton to cut him?