6/9 Hearing

I went to the hearing today and have started some notes for an entry. Honestly, my face hurt from listening to some of those attorneys. I needed a break or I would have gone insane!!

If you follow me on Twitter you got some random, unfiltered thoughts live from court. I may or may not cross-post those here.


Nothing was decided today. It seems the Judge will make the NHL give a dollar number if someone wants to move the team (includes relocation fee and any kind of payment to other teams that may be entitled to it ie Buffalo and Toronto). I am guessing this number will be around 100 mil. If so, Balsillie will most likely back out (his lawyer said as much). Balsillie wants the team cheap and on his terms and conditions.

The Judge also said that Moyes has to allow the other four bidders the opportunity to look at pertinent information in regards to the sale. Apparently Moyes has been guarding access to this information and that is why none of the other bidders were brought into the court case yet.

City of Glendale showed the most passion.

Moyes wants to be an unsecured creditor.

Balsillie’s lawyer talks way too much and makes no real point. Ok, that is not true… she makes the same point over and over and over and over and over much to the Judge’s attempts to redirect her to the topic at hand and to get her to answer his questions.

That’s about it for now. I need to get ready for bed/work tomorrow.

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