8/16 scrimmage – QB’s even…or are they?? Plus Cougs land a 6-4 shooting guard

From the media reports, statistically speaking, both QB’s looked OK (better, not great) in last night’s scrimmage. HOWEVER, here’s one take that I read on the premium message boards from someone that was in attendance. Note that this was written by a guy that has been to a lot of practices and scrimmages since the spring, so I would take what he’s saying as pretty solid info:

“Swogger steps up? I have to say I saw it differently. I thought Brink was better by a significant margin. Enough so that I will predict that he will be the starter vs. idaho.Most of the scrimmage was 1s vs 2s. But, on the few occasions that it was 1s vs 1s, Brink carved up the #1 D. Once, they took 3 plays to take it in from the D’s 25. He also marched them right down in the 2:00 drill. His TD pass to Hill was a beautifully thrown fade that showed arm strength and touch, and I don’t think he makes that throw last year. If you look at who played better against the 1s, it was clearly Brink. The interception was a lob at the goal line. Ward got tied up with Bursey and fell; Bursey came down with the ball.”

Some other observations:
“The goal line offense is still poor, and a major point of frustration with me. I don’t understand why they march right down the field in the spread offense, then insist on packing everything in tight when they are inside the 10. Spread the field and make them cover you sideline to sideline. This offense isn’t designed to push people around, so don’t try to do it.The baby LBs (Trent, Stripling, Evans) continue to impress me. We are going to see a lot of them, even this season. I like Gibson and Ward a lot, too. Gibson looks like the second coming of Jason Hill in size and athletic ability, the hype is warranted and he looks like the best player in the ’05 class. I’m hoping to see Woolridge and Tardy back out there soon. Overall I thought it was a good scrimmage. Neither side dominated, but both had their bright spots. The TD run by Harrison was a thing of beauty. The Force is strong with this one!”

So there you have it. Nice to read something different than the usual media reports. This guy has been saying all along that Brink has looked really improved since Spring, just bigger, stronger, more sure of himself and a lot more in command. But also told people to relax until right about now as Swoggs has to shake off the rust and trust the foot again. This is the first time this guy actually said he thought Brink was the better of the two, however, so this might be a real turning point.

IN basketball, the Cougs landed a 6-4 shooting guard from Pennsylvania by the name of Chris Matthews.
8/16 scrimmage - QB's even...or are they?? Plus Cougs land a 6-4 shooting guard
Matthews originally signed with James Madison out of high school, but didn’t make it academically. The incoming true freshman who recently qualified chose WSU over offers from UMass, Providence, Tennessee, New Mexico State among others.

“I chose Washington State,” said Matthews. “He was very excited, like I am. I just like Tony Bennett, his personality and how he says he’s going to help me develop.”

“I really like the coaching staff, the conference and I feel that the offense they have really suits me,” Matthews said. “Coach (Tony) Bennett seems like he’s dedicated to developing his players and seems like a very honest guy. He’s someone I’d like to spend my college career playing for.”

Matthews, who sank nine trifectas in front of Bennett in a Las Vegas tourney and hit at least a handful of long range shots on four separate occassions in the tournament, also considered UMass.
“I liked both schools,” Matthews said. “But in my heart, I wanted to go to Washington State. It feels good to finally know it’s over with.”

Sounds like young Bennett might have found a diamond in the rough here? All the experts agree, Tony Bennett can recruit.

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