9/17 News-n-notes


9/17 News-n-notes

Interesting tidbits from the local papers.

First, looks like we’re seeing some changes on the o-line. Great move if you ask me, let’s see some hunger from the line!

From the TNT:

Changing the line – Doba said he expects two new starters on the offensive line for Saturday. Based on their performances this week, sophomore Charles Harris and redshirt freshman Bobby Byrd will start at guards instead of Patrick Afif and Norvell Holmes. Doba said Afif and Holmes should still play, however.

Line play has been a concern in the first two games. The Cougars have given up eight sacks and rushed for 46 yards after yardage lost from sacks are subtracted.

Not to keep kicking a dead horse, but Bud Withers in the Times goes over the QB situation, one last time:

Here’s what led to the thought processes that put Alex Brink at the controls in the crucial moments last week:

In practice a week ago, Swogger was only average, not especially convincing on his understanding of Colorado’s defense, while Brink was sharp. Swogger did an about-face, opening the game strongly — except his receivers treated the ball like the West Nile virus.

Swogger’s play then went downhill, and quarterbacks coach Timm Rosenbach thought he detected him getting frustrated, a zone they don’t want to visit.

Meanwhile, Brink threw a fatal interception, but Rosenbach didn’t want to lift him then.

“I just felt at the time, it was technical,” Rosenbach said this week of the interception. “The decision was late, because technically he wasn’t right.”

Rosenbach also knew Brink reads vertical routes well, and WSU needed to go deep. Indeed, the redshirt freshman threw a pass over the top to Jason Hill for a 60-yard touchdown.

It wasn’t enough to win, reinforcing the coaches’ belief that there would be some growing pains this year.

Rosenbach’s take on Swogger’s development: “He’s got a work ethic that’s pretty incredible. He’s gotten a lot better technically. He’s very good at putting the ball on people (accurately). His ability to throw on the run has improved dramatically. Those things, and his leadership.”

And Brink: “Everybody talks that his arm strength is not great. It’s a lot stronger than a lot of guys that have played there. He has a very good ability to see the field.”

When you look at those comments, WHY IS THERE EVEN A QUESTION over which one should start!?!?!?!?!? Let’s get a running game and some pass blocking, give Swoggs a chance!

Finally, a good read in the P-I about our two young D-tackles. Pretty good read (didn’t know both were offensive players to begin with, same with Mkristo):


Finally, looks like JC transfer Tyron Brackenridge will miss another game with a sore hammy. He hasn’t played since the New Mexico game, but to be honest, he wasn’t missed last week and probably won’t be missed this week either. Since Arizona doesn’t throw a whole lot, it might be best to shut him down and wait until Oregon, who will throw it a TON.

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