9/20: Curt Schilling (6-8, 6.20) @ Seth McClung (6-10, 6.61)

The Battle of the 6.00 ERA occurs.
The Red Sox have put me in a foul mood, so I’m just going to link you to three articles that you may not have seen on Fire Brand.
Welcome to the Show, Craig Hansen. Need I say anymore? I’m telling ya, this guy is the next Mariano Rivera. If that’s a stretch, next Eric Gagne is not.
Zach mutters about the game last night. You know why I’m so fustrated. This game was UNDENIABLY winnable. So winnable, it should still be counted a win, not a loss.
I just did a post about Edgar Renteria and his expectations. Have fun with it. Don’t be TOO bitter.
I’m angry right now. I’m fustrated. But improbably, I still think the Red Sox can do it. We’re still in first. WE ARE STILL IN FIRST! But I will say this. Tonight … is where EVERYTHING is put on the line. If we lose this game, then I have serious, serious, serious doubts about this team to get to the playoffs. Note I didn’t say win in the first round, but GET TO THE PLAYOFFS. They passed “win in the first round doubts” three mood swings ago. This is one of the most must-win games I’ve been part of this season, and Curt Schilling MUST dominate for us to have a prayer.
And for the love of God, can we give up on Kevin Millar already! Can we let him become a free agent now?
The future of the season starts at 7:15 PM EST.
“Might be a little upset but.. what can you do? Nothing but keep fighting it’s not over yet, know what i’m sayin?” -David Ortiz

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