9/21 coaches show recap

Interesting stuff:

Bob: asked about Swogger

Doba: Practiced some today. Knee has not swollen, partial tear of the PCL, says he’s doing fine, was fitted for a custom brace Monday which won’t be here till Thursday, it’s a game time decision,

Bob: asked how he got hurt

Doba: He fell on his knee, got tackled and fell directly on his knee. He said that “it didn’t hurt, just kinda wiggles when I run, should I see the trainer?” Trainer said hell I don’t even have one of those PCL’s. If there’s any question, we won’t play him. The decision is up to the medical staff.

Made a point of noting that Basler throws the ball in the fake punt play and that he wants everyone, especially Arizona, to know about the FAKE PUNT PLAY!

——— break ——-

Paul from Tacoma: Why was the first team out there in the start of the third quarter?

Doba: The starters deserved to play that first series, we played 64 kids by the end of the game, we wanted to see if they could keep the momentum for future games. Wanted to get one more score before putting in the reserves.

Bob: Derting’s stinger?

Doba: he practiced today, give credit to Idaho, their staff and team continued to play hard, our heart goes out to them with the loss of Eric, senseless.

——— break ——-

Gary in Spokane: O-line, Idaho had a pretty good surge against Howard & Johnson, still thinking about odd man alignments against Arizona

Doba: probably move & slant than change alignments. They are good and have a true freshman RT, rest are juniors & seniors.

Halle on a cell phone: Worried about inside d-line

Doba: Jordan Wright Frisbee, we tried like heck to recruit him

Bob: Jed Collins

Doba: Jed Collins, true freshamn at mlb, played three ways, career day for a freshman, blocking back, caught a pass, recovered a fumble, returned a ko 30 yards, he’s five of the 64 but we just count him once. 🙂

Bob: It’s an incestuous (word he learned in Colfax, after Doba made fun of the big word) relationship. Livengood, Casey Dunn, Neil, Galloway, Delconte, all former wsu coaches also soccer coach, their o-line coach went to the same HS as swogger, their radio announcer is from Tacoma

Doba: That’s a plethora of information (learned that from you last week after Bob teased Doba about the’big’ word)

Bob: Ran down the pac-10 schedule

Doba: It’s supposed to be 95 degrees, originally scheduled as an evening game, but money talks, playing much harder, defense is very athletic, safeties are excellent, good team speed, offense is getting a bad rap, QB is ranked 25 nation, Michael Bell, special teams are good, coach Dunn knows what we do, expects no blowouts rest of the season, lots of close games

Bob: Stoops?

Doba: Got to do some recruiting, tried to steal some of ours (Harrison was talking) got about four coach akeys over there kids obviously didn’t care for Mackovic,

Bob: Different starting times from week to week?

Doba: We have a routine, four hours pregame meal, arrive two hours prior then go to position meetings, same routine regardless of KO time. Bed check at 10:30. No family in rooms, all must meet in lobby – avoids the ‘she’s my sister stuff!’ Description og clap sessions, mental preparation. mental prep is essential but you can’t get stronger thinking about lifting weights.

Mark from Seattle: I see you took my suggestion on shotgun and what’s the biggest change going from coordinator to HC?

Doba: Thanks it’s good we have this show on Tuesday so we have time to work in your suggestions. I’ve become a cheerleader, I spend a lot of time with offense to learn, spend time with defense to lend expertise. Says he would be a better DC now, with what he’s learned about offense.

Don from Spokane: Been a Cougar since his 1953 graduation – we had one penalty!

Doba: This group of players is a good bunch of kids, very disciplined, let’s hand the ball to official, treat them with dignity and respect, don’t spin the ball, don’t make them chase it down, doubts if that [one penalty] will ever happen again but hopes it will

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