9/28 coaches show recap

I’m battling food poisoning right now, not much fun as you can imagine. Hopefully today is the last of it. Let’s just say I lost a lot of weight last night, so I’m on the road to recovery.

Coaches show recap from last night:

Doba said he was pleased with his coaching staff and their poise on the sideline. Said that when Stoops was involving the officials with his shenanigans at the end of the game it allowed our coaches time to put their heads together and pick the offensive plays they wanted to go with.

He said at kickoff the field temperature was 108 degrees, and it was over 100 for the entire game. He said all the H2O they were ordered to drink really paid off, but at the end the whole team was exhausted. Said on the plane ride home, he looked back about 1/3 into the flight and he swore every single player was asleep!

Mentioned how proud he was of Aaron Johnson, Odell Howard and Adam Braidwood in replacing Cook and Ripoti. Should really help in the future since it gives us the option for more rotations to keep the interior defense fresh – built their confidence and if Cook or Ripoti experience nagging injuries, those guys have the coaches confidence that they will continue to get the job done. He was hoping to use RayShawn Bobo as a rush end this week on those times that they would slide Braidwood inside, but Bobo had an injury in practice so he didn’t make the trip. Compared him to Acholonu and Brown in terms of quickness off the edge, would be nice to have him for the Oregon game.

Talked about Bruhn and his fumble. One of our guys bumped Bruhn’s ball carrying arm just as Bruhn had made a great cut that would have had him in the clear for a huge gain. Did say both Harrison and Thompson will continue to share the load and it will be a committee-type approach unless someone completely seperates themselves from the pack.

Doba talked about how the small things hurt us again – but you got the overall feeling that Doba sees this team as growing up and right on the verge – just a question of when they break through this season – not when.

Akey had a segment – he got lousy questions, but interesting point about how the defensive coaches match our Blitz packages against what they see in our opponents films. Said we didn’t blitz much so far this season simply because we haven’t had to. That we have been using zone blitzes a little more this year dropping a defensive end back into coverage. Says that the lack of blitzes this year will show trends that would be misleading with good teams we intend to blitz a lot on.

The assistant coahces are out on the recruiting trail all this week. Leon Burtnett is in Texas (do ya think that Holiday Bowl win is going to have some long term impact?). Cook, Ripoti, and Martin MIGHT ALL be back for the Oregon game. With Boyd out, we moved a back-up offensive guard who’s like 6’5″ and 268 who played basketball in highschool with good hands to tight end while we all wait for Cody Boyd to get better (missed the name). Doba really thinks the bye week is coming at a perfect time – they are beat up, they get extra prep time for a multiple look offense like Oregon, etc. Also mentioned that Oregon is going to come in to Pullman in a bad mood after last year’s game, so they are happy to get an extra week.

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