A Beginner’s Guide To Golf

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So, you want to play golf? That’s good for you, and welcome to a sport that will bring new friendships, joy, travel opportunities, and much more. It feels good to learn the basics of golf without making any terrible mistakes or embarrassing yourself. 

All the brilliant golfers you see—they all started as beginners too. Being a beginner isn’t something to be ashamed of, and most experienced golfers will be willing to pass on their knowledge and guide you through your journey.

This comprehensive guide will give everything you need to know as a beginner. This article covers all the basics, from what to wear to the rules of the game. So, read on!

A Beginner's Guide To Golf
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Golf Lessons

Taking golf lessons is vital for every beginner, and this can help you avoid making common mistakes.  If you are looking to learn the basics, you can visit the Golf Reporter and other sites that are offering such lessons. Also, you can ask around whether there’s any golf club near you offering golf lessons. 


If you’re taking lessons from a golf club, you’ll be having group lessons once a week or once in a couple of weeks. But if you want to learn faster, it’s vital to practice before the scheduled lessons. The driving range is the best place to practice because it’s cheaper, plus you won’t worry about missing the ball or hitting foul shots.

Rules of The Game

Like any other sport, golf doesn’t have a comprehensive rule book to cover all eventualities, but you shouldn’t worry about that as a beginner. Even long-time golfers can’t correctly explain all of them. But for starters, here are the rules you need to know.

  • Clubs

You’re not allowed to carry more than 14 clubs in your bag. You can carry fewer clubs during competition but always check the contents before discarding any additional ones because it can cost you a penalty for every hole you play. Aside from clubs, you need to prepare other essential equipment for golf. This includes putters and golf balls.

  • Keep Count

One way to annoy your competitors is by claiming a lower net score, rather than shots. It might sound simple, but you can forget some shots, especially when you’re taking lots of them. Try to remember each shot you made and if you aren’t sure, be honest to count them again. 

  • Avoid Playing The Wrong Ball

It may sound obvious, but if you don’t mark your ball well, you may mistake it with another player’s ball. Playing the wrong ball means a two-stroke penalty. So, mark your ball with unique personalized symbols to avoid penalties.

  • Green Rule

Once your ball comes to rest on the putting green, you are supposed to mark it with a disk or a coin to clean it, and then put it back in the same place it was. In all other cases, play the ball as it lies unless stated otherwise. If the ball comes to a standstill and then it’s pushed by natural forces such as water or wind, you must play the ball from its new position.

You are permitted to repair damages such as ball marks, spike marks, and animal damage on the green. However, you aren’t allowed to repair natural surface imperfections or aeration holes on the green.

Golf Attire

A Beginner's Guide To Golf
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Some golf clubs are not very particular about the attire, and they will allow you to play with jeans and a plain t-shirt on. But for big and well-known golf clubs, this kind of attire won’t be allowed. Here is the recommended attire.

  • Slacks or Shorts

Depending on your preference and taste, you can decide to wear a pair of slacks or shorts. Don’t, however, wear football shorts because you won’t be comfortable. Also, consider where you live before acquiring one. Slacks are best worn during cold weather, while shorts are meant for hotter weather.

  • Shoes

A good pair of shoes is vital, especially if you’re going to walk through the entire golf course. There are many types of shoes designed for golfers. However, it would help if you aimed at buying shoes with steel spikes. These types of shoes are comfortable, and you can wear them all day long.

  • Gloves

As you attend golf lessons, you’ll need to wear a glove. To feel comfortable, it’s vital to have the right size that fits you. It’s also important to note that a golfer wears a glove on the opposite hand; that means a left-hand player will wear a glove on his right hand and vice-versa to avoid injuries.


Sometimes, golfing might seem to be a challenging sport, but don’t be discouraged. In time, you will find that it is very simple and enjoyable. It satisfies the body and soul, and also gives you the opportunity to meet new friends!

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