A lil calmer now…

Ok, now that I have calmed down a bit from my second snap of the week (in two days, maybe I need a psych eval…) I have tried to educate some people on hockey in the desert.

Someone had the audacity to say that Canadians deserved a team because they freeze in the winter and they eat, sleep, breathe hockey (I am paraphrasing a bit here) and this was my response:

wow, colin I hate to tell you but there are people in the desert that are die-hards. We dont know what to do with ourselves in the off-season. We go a little mental without da hockey. We need our hockey here too. Hockey has been in the desert since the 60’s (see: Phoenix RoadRunners) and is currently the fastest growing youth sport here. There are also like 6 (not including AWA and Jobing.com) places to play hockey here, some having more than one rink at the facility. Try going to one of theses places on the weekend…they are packed with kids (and adults) learning to skate, playing hockey, buying hockey equipment etc…

Just because the Canadians aren’t smart enough to move to a warm place with hockey (like I did) doesn’t mean they deserve hockey more. I am one of the Phoenix Coyotes die hard fans and will do whatever I can to support my team and keep them here. If they were to move, I think I would probably die from lack of hockey or go through serious withdrawls.

I thought that was a pretty good response and I mean what I said. I will help the Coyotes anyway I can. Since I don’t have money to help out that way, I guess I have to try and battle all the idiots and nay-sayers online. I will no longer not post. I will continue to go to games and post blogs. I am proud to be a Coyotes fan and they deserve to be in the desert.

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