A penny is useful

A penny is useful
Dear anonymous,
A penny is a very useful object. It can be used to defend bums roaming the streets. If you are approached by one all you have to do is hand them a couple of these and they disappear. You can also use them to test and see if someone is actually deaf. You know those people that approach you in parking lots with a piece of paper and a sticker. The paper asks you for money to help a deaf person. If you tell them no and they walk away, you can throw a penny on the ground. If they turn around and look, you can point and laugh. You could place fifty of them in a sock and swing it really hard to wake up someone that passed out too early from drinking. I mean the list could go on forever. I hope you have a new perspective on the usefulness of a penny Mr Anonymous.
Advice Man

I want comments from our readers for their inventive ideas on uses for pennies. I will buy a beer for the one who is the most creative. Don’t waste time!!!!

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