A-Rod to Yankees? So what?

PLEASE NOTE!!! By accident, the ORIGINAL COLUMN was lost, never to be found again. I have re-written this on Feb. 26th. I lost a VERY good column and I am not going to attempt to measure up to it. Instead, I’m going to try to outline what the column said.

A-Rod to Yankees? No big deal. Before we start tearing our hair out and wailing at the top of our lungs, let’s remember one thing. THIS IS NOTHING NEW. The Yankees have always done this, and always will. They will always get the superstars until Stienbrenner dies. And you need to remember – the Yankees did not “steal” A-Rod. Our trade was dead. The Yankees are perfectly entitled to go and get A-Rod. Also – did you really think A-Rod was going to stay in Texas? Are you really surprised by this?
Also, don’t forget that A-Rod and Jeter haven’t been friends for three years. There’s a chill factor in there. Don’t forget Jeter said he will get along fine with A-Rod “as long as [he] is shortstop”. A-Rod is learning a new position. A-Rod is a GREAT shortstop and he is moving to third to accomodate Jeter, the worst defensive shortstop in the game. A-Rod is doing this so he can get out of New York, but you can bet he has his eyes on short. You can bet he will try to cut Jeter off as much as possible. You can bet he will play by the rules and when Jeter does down with an injury that is most likely inevitable, A-Rod will play short with such grace that Stienbrenner will order Jeter to second.
Also don’t forget this really increases the Anti-Yankee hysteria, which is always good. Also, the Yankees lost Alfonso Soriano, who I can now say is a star in the making – perhaps already even made.
Also forget that anything could happen. Giambi could go down, Lieber and Brown, A-Rod and Jeter could get into a fight…anything can happen.
The Red Sox have a very strong team and there is no reason why we shouldn’t beat the Yankees. The acquisition of A-Rod and Magglio, as evidenced by my previous columns on the subject is certainly better than Manny/Nomar. But nonetheless, we are still better. We can still take the Yankees. And you know something? We will.

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