a sad day

Thursday June 23rd, 2005 one of the greatest Mormon centers of all time decided to call it quits on a great NBA career. That is right I am talking about 7 foot, 6 inches, the Massive Mormon Shawn Bradley. Drafted 2nd overall by the 76ers in 1993, the greatest shoot blocker of all time played 16 years for three different teams. Spent most of his career with the Dallas Mavericks as a back up center, averaging 8.1 points and 2.8 blocks per game.

Now what will Shawn Bradley do next, will he follow the footsteps of the last great big man Manute Bol . Maybe a Celebrity death match between the two great centers. May Shawn will do great things after his NBA career like sell Volkswagen bugs in Dallas or maybe start a chain of Shawn Bradley big and tall store for men.

Remember as we watch the college world series and the NBA finals this Thursday that one of the great big men in NBA history is calling it quits. He is truly a great American Mormon hero to all of us.

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