A Twitter Mash-Up Account: Civil War & St. Louis Cardinals


I totally get why people don’t like Twitter.

Scrolling through your feed is kind of like walking through a minefield where 90% of the land is actually mines.

No matter how good a mood you’re in, someone you follow is out there posting something that is going to piss you right the hell off / make you sadder than the last time you were on Twitter and said you couldn’t be any sadder / question your sanity as a human living on earth.

You have to hold on – dearly – to those accounts that are reliable beacons of enjoyment.

Recently I’ve come across a new thing that is bringing me microdoses of joy … Civil War Redbird.


Basically, the account is taking current St. Louis Cardinals events and writing them as if Twitter was a thing during the Civil War.

From their bio:

“Embedded with the 1st Regiment of the St. Louis Cardinals. Daily dispatches and correspondence from the front lines.”


The account was created last month and currently has a little over 475 followers… so I’m guessing it’s pretty new.

I don’t know if there’s any affiliation with a St. Louis Blues Twitter account @GenSchwartz – but either way – they’re both taking a humorous idea and running with it.

Maybe it won’t be as amusing as it is now in a few weeks. Maybe it will.

For now, though, it’s a nice little timeline buster if you need it.

Photo: Journal Sentinel

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