Aaron Jones Makes Televised Plea For Aaron Rodgers To Return To Green Bay

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Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones picked an interesting week to guest co-host NFL Network’s Good Morning Football television program.

In the midst of all of the news about his quarterback Aaron Rodgers talking with the New York Jets, and Jets representatives flying out to California to meet with Rodgers, Jones used his microphone to speak directly to Rodgers.

Spoiler alert: Jones does not want his quarterback to leave.

What Jones Said

The main theme of Jones’s short speech to Rodgers was to come back.

He acknowledged the Packers started slow and fell short of their 2022 goals but believes they can be competitive in 2023.

Jones said Rodgers can lead them to that 2023 success.

An Unusual Situation

The fact that Jones is on television the week the unusual events are unfolding just highlights how odd the entire situation is.

Rodgers has spent his career with the Packers; however, the Packers approved the Jets’ request to speak to Rodgers.

To his credit, Jones was not afraid to speak his mind about his quarterback.

What Else Jones Said

Jones was open when asked about his impressions of Packers QB2 Jordan Love.

He said that Love made a huge progression last season and will be ready whenever his time comes.

Jones also said that it was important to Rodgers’ legacy to start and finish his career with the Packers.

It was something Rodgers spoke about to his teammates in the Packers’ locker room.

Jones made one other statement about the situation which is probably the mantra of all of the Packers players.

He said that he can only control what he can so his job is to be ready for the 2023 season regardless of who the quarterback is.

What’s Changed?

If Rodgers wants to stay in Green Bay and finish his career, it is odd that the Packers would allow the Jets to speak to him, or he would want to speak with the Jets at all.

It feels like an unfortunate messy breakup could be in the works; however, the Packers are trying to make it cleaner and less acrimonious than their breakup with Brett Favre while Rodgers was waiting in the wings.

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