Adam Wainwright Is The Conductor


You know those rumble strips they build into every new stretch of highway?

Great idea.

If you’re veering off the road a little too far, they make a sound like humongous wasp is attacking while simultaneously turning your steering wheel into jackhammer handles. The adrenaline starts pumping and you get that sporty little bad boy of yours over in between the mustard and the mayonnaise.

Adam wainwright, though? He’s a train. A powerful locomotive built to carry a team on his back for 9 innings, no matter how heavy the load.

Problems with trains, though – they don’t go off the track a little bit and come back. They derail and leave a big flippin’ mess. There is no buffer. Recoveries aren’t happening once a train is off the rails… not until a clean-up crew arrives.

4.2 IP | 6 H | 4 BB | 4 ER | 6 R

That’s not an Adam Wainwright stat line. Well, at least that’s what you would of figured. Or what you’ve been reading/hearing about today. But the truth of the matter, is… it is.

Adam Wainwright doesn’t have mediocre stat lines. He’s either pitched a gem or he’s pitched a stinker. Fortunately for Cardinals fans,  the ratio of the two is disproportionate enough to make him one of the best players in baseball when factored together.

5.0 IP | 10 H | 2 BB | 6 ER  – May 2 @ Chicago Cubs

4.1 IP | 8 H | 1 BB | 7 ER – May 30 vs San Fransisco Giants

Both of those starts were in 2014 as well. Considering that Wainwright has an overall ERA of 2.02 and a WHIP of 0.95, it’s pretty obvious that these 3 starts are the reason that he’s not having one of the best seasons of all-time by any St. Louis Cardinals player.

Maybe it was the 10 days of rest. After all, those 10 days might have been the most harried of Wainwright’s career – ‘pipeshots’ and whatnot.

Maybe he was due. That May 30th start was the last non-quality outing for Wainwright.

Whatever the reason for the bad start, at least he got it out of his system early in the 2nd half. It’ll make his next 8 good ones much more enjoyable.

Photo: Fancloud

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