AEW All Out 2020 Results And Review: Did Jon Moxley Walk Out As The Champion? Chris Jericho And Orange Cassidy Battle In A Mimosa Mayhem Match, And More

AEW All Out 2020 took place at Daily’s Place in Orlando Florida in front of AEW stars and fans at 10-15% capacity in attendance. The show featured a stacked card with grudge matches with special stipulations such as Matt Hardy taking on Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules Match and Chris Jericho facing off against Orange Cassidy in the first ever Mimosa Mayhem match. It also featured championship matches such as the AEW Tag Team Championship as Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page defend them against FTR and the main event for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship as Jon Moxley defended the title against MJF.

Big Swole Defeated Britt Baker In The Tooth And Nail Match

Review: I’m surprised that this was put on the main card when they had first announced that it would be on the Buy In. I really enjoyed the match for what it was. It was goofy and some parts were hilarious especially the part where Reba was yelling “You Stabbed Her” at Swole when Britt got the syringe put in her leg. I think Britt kind of needed this win but it’s not too big of an issue. It was what it needed to be and I thought overall it was very entertaining.

The Young Bucks Defeated Jurassic Express

Review: It was a really good tag match. I felt though for a match that was mostly a filler tag match, they did too many false finishes and spots that weren’t necessary. I know this is how The Young Bucks typically have a match but for a match with nothing on the line and just being a filler, it didn’t need that much time for everybody to get their moves in.

Lance Archer Won The Casino Battle Royale

Review: Really great battle royal. The right person won the match. The bump Darby took with him in the body bag full of tacks was insane. I’m happy Matt Sydal is back and in AEW. He botched his big shooting star press though which was not a first good impression. That was a yikes for me. Also when Darby was being put in the body bag, it looked like Darby was helping Cage put him in it at some points. For a second, they made me believe that Eddie Kingston was winning but I’m glad they didn’t do that. Will Hobbs was also an impressive competitor in that match. I would be shocked if they don’t do more with him after that performance.

Matt Hardy Defeated Sammy Guevara In The Broken Rules Match

Review: I was surprised how short this match was. For a second, i thought they were actually stopping the match after Hardy’s scary bump. I was a little disappointed because of how short it was and I expected a little more out of it but I still thought it had a great amount of crazy spots in it.

Hikaru Shida Defeated Thunder Rosa To Retain The AEW Women’s Championship

Review: This match definitely met my expectations. Both these women really put on a clinic. I would say though that maybe the finish could’ve been done a little better with Shida getting a lucky shot with that running knee for the win instead of attempting two pinfalls after a number of moves to Thunder Rosa to kind of show that Shida got lucky which would set up a potential future rematch between them. Other than that, it was a hell of a match.

Alex Marvez interviewed Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford about an announcement that he was going to make. They announce that they are getting married and they will get married on AEW Dynamite. Kip also announced that this Wednesday on Dynamite, he will announce the best man.

Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Scorpio Sky and Matt Cardona Defeated The Dark Order

Review: Another match with great tag team action. I don’t think the right thing was for Dark Order to lose especially when they are supposed to be a force to be reckon with. Dark Order has a habit of losing a lot of tag matches and maybe they could’ve used the win here. Maybe they attack all of them after the match and Dustin could plant Brodie with the Canadian Destroyer so that it can piss off Brodie to the point where the announcement could be made of Brodie and Dustin fighting for the title on Dynamite. That’s just me though.

Tony Schivone interviewed Dustin Rhodes saying they got this win for Cody and Cody will get back what this is rightfully his. Tony announced that Dustin will get the shot at Brodie Lee for the TNT title on Dynamite this Wednesday. Dustin was excited and tells Brodie he is coming for his blood.

FTR Defeated Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page To Become NEW AEW Tag Team Champions

Kenny had a ringside table as he came into the ring but dropped it. Adam Page tried to get up but fell and Omega let him fall. Omega walked away from Page as Page was out in the ring. Omega met up with the Bucks backstage, leaving with them. Omega said he was done. The Bucks didn’t get in the car with him but left in the car anyways.

Review: Really great tag match. The right team won for sure and it really played into the possible break up with Hangman and Omega as Omega accidentally knocked out Hangman with the V Trigger. This match wasn’t as exciting as Omega and Page’s match with The Young Bucks back at AEW Revolution but they really put a physical tag match and it was different from other Page and Omega matches from the past which is a good thing.

Alex Marvez was going to ask Jericho a question but Jericho stopped him. Jericho said the rivalry with him and Cassidy was an experiment to see if Cassidy is a future star for AEW. He said Cassidy is a legit main event draw thanks to him. Jericho bragged about making main event stars but he also ends them. He said he will end Cassidy’s main event run in the Mimosa Mayhem Match.

Orange Cassidy Defeated Chris Jericho In The Mimosa Mayhem Match

Review: Another match that met my expectations.  It wasn’t going to be a 5 star classic but it was great for what it was. Cassidy got a big win on a pay per view over Chris Jericho which I can’t really complain about. Jericho chilling in the tub of full of Mimosa was such a hilarious sight which also made for a great entertaining match as well.

Jon Moxley Defeated MJF To Retain The AEW World Heavyweight Championship

Review: Really good main event to the show. I didn’t expect anybody to bleed in the match but then I realized that this involved Jon Moxley. There was going to be blood somehow. It was the perfect main event and Moxley retaining the belt was the right way to go. MJF’s facial expressions made the match the most rather than the moves they shown in the match.

Overall Review: This show was probably better than Double Or Nothing in terms of some fans being able to attend rather than at Double Or Nothing, they only had AEW employees. The matches were really great and kept me engaged throughout the night. The card structure was a great mixture between tag matches to speciality matches like the Broken Rules, Mimosa Mayhem and mixed well with the championship matches as well. Despite some of the flaws of the matches including some of the finishes in their execution, I still can say it entertained me enough to keep me watching the entire show. I wouldn’t put this on the level of Revolution which is my favorite AEW pay per view so far but overall, it was another enjoyable AEW pay per view.

Grade: 7/10

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