‘AEW Dynamite’ (1/20/21) Results And Review: The Inner Circle Compete Against Each Other, The Young Bucks Attack Don Callis, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. The show featured matches such as Cody Rhodes taking on Peter Avalon, former AEW Champion Jon Moxley is scheduled to be in action and Matt Hardy along with Private Party took on Matt Sydal and Top Flight. Plus, The Inner Circle competed in a 3 way tag match to determine which team will represent the faction and it is also the birthday celebration of -1 of The Dark Order.

The Dark Order opened the show with -1. A birthday cake was placed on a table for -1 as they lit the candles. John Silver gloated about having Adam Page as part of The Dark Order and he has everyone sing Happy Birthday to -1. Luther and Serpentico interrupted saying this place is becoming a day care center. Luther says he doesn’t not look stupid and his face is perfectly symmetrical. Luther says -1 looks stupid and they are going to ruin his birthday. The Dark Order attack them. TH2 came to Luther’s aid but Adam Page came out and dove onto all of them off the stage. The match starts.

The Dark Order and Adam Page Defeated TH2, Luther and Serpentico

They held Serpentico in front of -1 and -1 nailed Serpentico in the head with the kendo stick. He says that his birthday was 3 days ago and calls them idiots. John Silver came on the mic saying Page is such a good wrestler and likes him a lot. Silver got down to a knee and asked if Page will join. Page said he can’t but they already celebrated with the He Said Yes sign. Page said he has done the group deal before but it hasn’t worked out. He apologized and left.


Alex Marvez interviewed Chris Jericho and MJF about the tag match. MJF tells Jericho that he doesn’t want them to split up. Jericho said it will bring the Inner Circle together and this will decide what team will go on to be tag champs. Jericho said they will move on as a unit after the match. MJF said this will make them stronger than ever and they will be the next tag champs.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring and recapped last week with Darby Allin retaining the TNT title. He introduced Sting and Darby Allin to come out to the ring. Sting came out first and then Darby. Sting tells Darby that there is something in Darby that reminds him of himself. He congratulates Darby. He said he wanted to make sure Darby had a fair fight. Team Taz interrupted on the screen saying that they fight dirty and his team fight like street fighters. Taz proposes they take it to the streets with them. Darby tells them to be careful what they wish for because they might get it. They left the ring.

Footage was shown of The Young Bucks going to an Elite meeting with Alex Marvez. They enter a house and Michael Nakazawa showed them to Kenny Omega. They see a fake painting of Don Callis and Omega. Callis said it was a birthday gift for him. The Bucks argue with Don about him changing the tag match last week and asked for Kenny. Callis said that Kenny is not here but it’s good that they are here because they all love Kenny. They kick Marvez out and the camera guy for the meeting. Callis tells The Bucks that Kenny is ery busy so he gives them a check. The Bucks said they make that money already. Callis tries a bigger number but The Bucks said he can’t buy them out and their friendship with Kenny. Callis tells them they are holding him back. The Bucks throw the check back at him and they argue. It looked like The Bucks were going to attack him until the camera cuts.

Cody Rhodes Defeated Peter Avalon

Tully Blanchard was with FTR saying they are #1 in the ratings but they need the belts. Jungle Express confronted them that facing them taught him that they can be beat them. Dax Harwood says he can beat Jungle Boy and he wants him next week. Luchasaurus said that he’ll be there to make sure no one gets involved. Harwood and Jungle Boy shook hands.

Jon Moxley Defeated Nick Comoroto

Moxley got on the mic after the match. He said anything can happen on Dynamite. He said he can’t keep track with who’s in what club. He said all Kenny did was make it more fun for him to break more bones and Kenny can bring whoever he wants from anyplace but they will have to go through him.

Dasha interviewed Eddie Kingston asking about his match next week with Lance Archer. He said he has to move on to Lance. Lance interrupted saying he can’t wait to kick his ass. Jake The Snake tells Eddie that it’s going to be one on one without Eddie’s crew. Jake tells Eddie to bite him as they leave.

Alex Marvez asked Kenny Omega what happened at his house with Don Callis but he said he doesn’t know. He confronted Don in the bathroom who had bruises. Kenny noticed and Don said he didn’t want to make Kenny mad and lose his focus. He accidentally dropped The Bucks’ name as to who did beat him up. Alex tried to get more details but Don kicked him out.

Matt Hardy and Private Party Defeated Matt Sydal and Top Flight

Matt Sydal and Darius confronted Private Party about them using the chair to win but they attacked Sydal and Darius.

MJF and Wardlow entered the Inner Circle locker room. MJF tells them that the match would not happen if things was his way. Sammy got up in MJF’s face saying if he had his way he would beat MJF up. MJF said they have to be family to succeed and respects them speaking their minds but he wants what is best for the group. He wants to just get it out of the way and finish it. MJF offered a fist bump but Sammy refused. MJF left the locker room.


Penelope Ford Defeated Layla Hirsch

Miro brought Charles Taylor, his butler in the ring. He said he is a nice guy but Charles needs him to let go of the past and tell Orange Cassidy who was in the audience that Miro is his best friend now. Chuck says Miro is his best friend now. Orange left the audience area. They left the ring.

The Good Brothers were shown beating down Penta backstage along with Kenny Omega. Omega beat down Penta with his boot. Omega said that what the champion wants the champion gets.

MJF and Chris Jericho Defeated Santana and Ortiz and Sammy Hager

The show goes off the air right after the match.

Review: This wasn’t one of AEW’s best shows and it didn’t do much to peak a lot of interest a least for me but it wasn’t all that bad. I thought the main event was probably the best match on the show and even that wasn’t all that perfect but Sammy Guevara was no doubt the MVP of that match. I have no problem with Jericho and MJF being the ones to go after the tag titles and being the tag team in the Inner Circle to do so since they are the two most entertaining. I liked the opening as well with The Dark Order celebrating -1’s Birthday and -1 paying homage to his father Brodie Lee with how he attacked Serpentico and Luther after the match and threw papers at them. The Penelope Ford/Layla Hirsch match was okay but this being the only women’s match on the show is just unacceptable especially when you have Serena Deeb being highlighted a lot as the NWA Women’s Champion and Hikaru Shida the AEW Champion who weren’t even on the show at all. The Cody Rhodes match with Peter Avalon I was not a fan of. Cody should’ve just put Peter away early instead of having a difficult time trying to beat him. I understand he might’ve wanted to give Peter some shine but I don’t think a guy like Peter Avalon should have that much offense on Cody who is one of the big players of AEW. I thought the Sting/Darby Allin segment with FTW was pretty good. They botched Ricky Starks trying to talk because his voice didn’t sound so clear on the mic when he was trying to talk in the segment. Finally, The Omega storyline with The Bucks and what they did to Don Callis is pretty good. It creates some tension with The Bucks and Omega which I don’t mind but I wish they had Moxley inserted in there somehow instead of having a match to try and get revenge against Omega. Moxley got screwed out of the title, he should be chasing Omega down. Other than that, everything else was what it was.

Grade: 6/10


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