‘AEW Dynamite’ (2/10/21) Results And Review: TNT Championship On The Line, Kenta Makes His AEW In Ring Debut, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. The show was headlined by a big tag team match as New Japan’s Kenta made his AEW in ring debut teaming up with the AEW Champion Kenny Omega to take on Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in a Falls Count Anywhere No Disqualification Match. Plus, the TNT title was on the line as Darby Allin defended it against Joey Janela. The Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament also began as Thunder Rosa took on Layla Hirsch in the first round.

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Darby Allin Defeated Joey Janela To Retain The TNT Championship

Jon Moxley talked in a video promo saying that Kenta realized that the time for talk is done. He said he’ll have to take the IWGP United States title from him at the Tokyo Dome. He talks about the main event tag match and wishes them good luck in trying to kill him to win the match.

Sammy Guevara confronted MJF in the locker room. Sammy says he needs a minute alone with MJF and the rest of the Inner Circle leaves. He tells MJF that he knows MJF is trying to take over the group. MJF says he thought Sammy was jealous of him being in the group but he realized that he thinks he hates Jericho. He says Sammy believes he should be the front man of the group. Sammy sarcastically said he was and MJF said that is what he wanted to hear. Sammy grabs the phone, realizing MJF was recording him and throws it against the wall. MJF yells at him but then Sammy nails him with a shot to the gut and leaves.

Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson Defeated Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi

Tony Schiavone interviewed Lee Johnson on the stage for his first win. Lee said he doesn’t have the words for it. He thanks Cody, Dustin, Brandi and Arn for showing if he does the work it pays off.

The Young Bucks were interviewed by Dasha about MJF and Jericho winning the battle royal. The Good Brothers came in and talked about how they were involved in the battle royal. The Young Bucks blamed them for getting eliminated in the battle royal. They said that they were going to choose them as their opponents at Revolution when they won. The Good Brothers said they didn’t mean to get them eliminated but they were trying to go after their opponents at Impact Wrestling’s No Surrender: Private Party. They talked about The Inner Circle mocking them. The Bucks said they want to defend the titles against Santana and Ortiz next week for eliminating them.

Dasha interviewed Adam Page about possible teaming with Matt Hardy. Page declined but Hardy came in and offered to drink with him and tabs are on him. Page agreed and went to get his stuff until Dark Order and him ran into each other. They have an awkward talk and Page mentions he is going to have a drink with Matt Hardy. Page walks by them.

Pac Defeated Ryan Nemeth

Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford reflect on the wedding and how Chuck Taylor who he treated like a brother betrayed him. Miro said it was mostly Orange Cassidy who ruined it and he will send him to the hospital because nobody messes with the best man. They show Orange and Chuck celebrating with champagne. Orange asked what Miro thought would happen as they toast and drink.

Dasha interviewed Jericho who was with Jake Hager and Wardlow. She pointed out that they are missing a few members. Jericho said it doesn’t matter because MJF is prepared and warming up. Santana and Ortiz brought MJF out to him who was holding his ribs. MJF tells Jericho that Sammy sucker punched him in the ribs for no reason. MJF claimed that his ribs may be broken. Jericho is shocked about it but tells him they’ll deal with it later and they need to be focused on their match right now. They head to the ring.

The Acclaimed went down to the ring for the match. Caster rapped about eliminating MJF and claiming he should get a shot at his diamond ring.

MJF and Chris Jericho Defeated The Acclaimed

Sammy Guevara came out to the ring after the match. Jericho asks Sammy what his problem is. Sammy said he told everyone that if one more thing happened with MJF he was done and said he is officially quitting the Inner Circle. He leaves the ring and goes backstage. The Inner Circle are upset in the ring.

Alex Marvez catches up with Sammy to ask about quitting the group and he said he needs some time away from the place. He leaves.

Matt Hardy and Adam Page drink at the bar. They laugh and toast to each other. Hardy offers him a deal and tells him how much money he could make with him. Page said he thinks he is right and gets a pen. As Matt Hardy is talking to the camera about putting this on record, Page replaces the paper Hardy gave him with a different one. Page has Hardy sign the paper and Hardy leaves.

Tony Schiavone was on the stage talking about the Street Fight at Revolution between Darby Allin and Sting against Team Taz. He introduces Sting and he comes out. Tony asks Sting what his mind is about facing Team Taz until Taz and Hobbs show up on the screen saying that they are going on a road trip. Taz said they are taking a special guest on the road with him. They show Brian Cage and Ricky Starks putting Darby in a body bag and Team Taz drags him as he is tied to the car while the car is driving away. Sting leaves the stage and heads to the parking lot.

Alex Marvez confronted Kenny Omega on the golf course. Kenny said he doesn’t have time for an interview and to watch his swing instead. Marvez asks him after his swing about the main event and if he should be prepping for the match. Kenny said he has proven he is the best and he would rather be one with nature here than studying his opponents. He said he is not going to lose and not going to miss just like tonight and his golf. Kenny and Don Callis leave Marvez there as Marvez asked for a ride. They tell him he can walk.

A video promo from Thunder Rosa was shown saying she wants to win the AEW Women’s Championship as well as regain the NWA Women’s Championship but most importantly she wants to get her hands on Britt Baker for how she won the match last week.

Thunder Rose Defeated Layla Hirsch To Advance In The Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament

Tony Schiavone talked about FTR being suspended and capturing Marko Stunt. He gives the floor to Jungle Boy. He said he never been a fight before with the fight he had with Dax. He said he never wanted them suspended and wanted them to look them in the eyes. He tells Dax that he will make them his bitch.

Kenny Omega and Kenta Defeated Jon Moxley and Lance Archer In A Falls Count Anywhere No DQ Match

Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air.

Overall Review: Really good show. There were highs and lows for sure but mostly highs. I love the fact that it was more segment heavy rather than match heavy. The TNT title match that kicked off the night wasn’t bad but I wasn’t too big Joey Janela challenging Darby for it because he hasn’t really done much to earn it. It just felt thrown together. Speaking of Darby, I thought it was crazy later on where Team Taz dragged him outside the parking lot as they drove in their car. This kind of helps Team Taz a little bit even though they kind of looked like cowards whenever Sting would show up to help Darby during the beat downs. Although, it just kind of made Sting’s appearance seem useless. They could’ve done this without Sting. The match with Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson was okay. It was designed to put Lee Johnson and a member of the Nightmare Family. The segment where The Young Bucks challenged Santana and Ortiz for the titles next week kind of made no sense. Why would they have them defend the tag titles against them when Santana and Ortiz lost the battle royal. Because they eliminated them? I would’ve rather they face them in a regular tag match.  The whole storyline with the Inner Circle and the inevitable announcement by Sammy Guevara that he is quitting the Inner Circle was great. This is finally going somewhere after months of teasing. I could see Sammy coming back at Revolution to cost MJF and Jericho the tag titles against The Bucks. The segments with Matt Hardy and Hangman Adam Page was interesting and am interested to see where it goes. I am liking it though. Thunder Rosa’s match with Layla Hirsch was pretty good but I had no doubt that Rosa was advancing. The main event was really fun and it made Lance Archer look good to have that many people put him down at the end. It seems like he may be challenging Omega for the AEW title possibly at Revolution while Moxley is going to feud with Kenta in their New Japan rivalry.

Grade: 6/10

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