‘AEW Dynamite’ (2/17/21) Results And Review: Big Matches Announced For ‘Revolution,’ Tag Titles On The Line, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. The show featured tag matches including a big 6 man tag match as Jon Moxley teamed with Lance Archer and Rey Fenix to take on Eddie Kingston, Butcher and Blade. Plus, the AEW Tag Team Championships were on the line as The Young Bucks defended against Santana and Ortiz. Also, former AEW Women’s Champion Riho makes her return in the Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament as she takes on the NWA Women’s Champion Serena Deeb.

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The show opened with Hangman Adam Page making his way to the ring for his match.

Adam Page and Matt Hardy Defeated TH2

Hardy got on the mic afterwards. He has everyone applaud Adam Page. He tells Adam that he is going to make a lot of money and he’ll make a lot of money too as he takes 30%. Adam said he doesn’t know how good Matt’s attention is but he made sure he kept an extra set of papers. He has someone from his legal team come out with the papers and out came the Jacksonville Jaguar mascot. He shows Matt the contract and he reads it. Matt said the contract is for a match between Adam Page and Matt Hardy at Revolution. If Page wins, he gets 100% of Matt’s earnings in Q1 of 2021. Matt said he pulled one over on him but he wants Page to put up his earnings as well for the match. Page says they might have a money match. They shake on it and Matt tells him that he is finished. The mascot attacks Page and it is revealed to be Isiah Cassidy from Private Party. TH2 joined in the attack on Page until The Dark Order came out for the save. They take them out. Page almost takes Hardy’s head off with the lariat but Matt dodged and escaped out of the ring.

Alex Marvez interviewed Santana and Ortiz before their tag title match. Santana said they finally got their shot and they will come to collect. MJF talks about Sammy Guevara about attacking him last week. He calls Sammy a dunce for being paranoid and didn’t apologize to him like a grown man. Jericho tells MJF to shut up. He blames MJF for quitting but the majority of it is Sammy’s fault. Jericho said Sammy made the dumbest decision for quitting and he is dead to him. Jericho said their focus is to bring gold back to the Inner Circle.

They show highlights of the Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament from the Japan side.

Riho Defeated Serena Deeb To Advance In The Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament

Video footage showed Shaq and Jade Cargill training for their match against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet as Jade was running around the basketball court and shooting hoops.

Serpentico took out Chuck Taylor outside the ring before Orange Cassidy’s match with Luther as he landed a suicide dive.

Orange Cassidy Defeated Luther

A recap of last week’s TNT title match with Darby Allin and Joey Janela was shown as well as Team Taz capturing Darby.

Taz came out to the ring with Brian Cage and Hook. Taz said all week he is seeing that Sting is going to call them out. He says that it’s only them because of the weather. Taz claimed he sent his snow down south. Taz calls out Sting and Sting’s music hits. Sting made his way out to the ring with the bat. Taz tells Sting the worst thing he did was step in the ring. He said Sting needs that bat to beat them. Sting dropped the bat and went after them. Hook went after him with a bat but Sting fought back. Cage got Sting and planted him with a powerbomb. Team Taz left the ring, leaving Sting lying.

Eddie Kingston cut a video promo with Butcher, Blade and Bunny. Eddie said he’s got demons to conquer. He says Archer will pay for eliminating him in the Casino Battle Royal. He said he needs to get rid of Fenix for stabbing him in the back. He needs to get rid of Moxley who was his best friend but sold out. He can’t get rid of him with pills or drinking so he’ll do it in the ring tonight.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis were speaking until Alex Marvez tried to get a word with him. Don stops him and they show Kenny reading the Young Bucks book to the children. A child asks if there are pictures in the book and he said the cover is the only one. One child asks if they’re in love and Kenny said it certainly looks like it. Kenny starts to explain his match with Jericho at the Tokyo Dome until Don says they got to cut it short. The children beg them to stay and play. They try to get Michael Nakazawa to play with them but they hate on him. One of the kids kick him in the groin and they all gang up on him. Kenny and Don Callis get out of there.

The Young Bucks Defeated Santana And Ortiz To Retain The AEW Tag Team Championship

The Inner Circle came out and attacked The Bucks in the ring. Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers watch on from the back. Don tells The Good Brothers to go and they leave. Brandon Cutler tried to help The Bucks but Jake Hager takes him out with a big slam on the ramp. Jericho and MJF had the Bucks in the Salt Of The Earth and the Walls Of Jericho. The Good Brothers came to help but The Inner Circle retreated. Jericho trash talked the parents of The Young Bucks at ringside. The Bucks dad pushes him and they leave.

Brandi Rhodes appeared on the screen saying she misses all of them. She says she is deciding to do a gender reveal right here live on the show. Cody Rhodes made his way out to the stage with her. As the fireworks go off, they reveal it’s a girl. Brandi leaves as Cody made his way to the commentary table for FTR’s match.

On the commentary table, Cody announces he will be a part of the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match at Revolution where the winner will face the TNT Champion. Penta and Scorpio Sky was also announced in the match.

FTR Defeated Mike And Matt Sydal

Doc Sampson came in the ring to check on Mike Sydal but then FTR grabbed the bag from him. They pull scissors out from him and were about to cut his hair until the lights went out. Luchasaurus’ mask appeared on the screen with his silhouette shown. Jungle Express appeared in the ring and they attacked FTR in the ring.

Jon Moxley appeared in a video promo talking about Eddie Kingston’s comments. Jon said he’ll whoop his ass as many times as it takes to end the feud. He said he will break Kenta’s neck in Japan to retain the IWGP U.S. title. He tells Kenny Omega he will do whatever it takes to settle the score and take the AEW title back. He said the time is just about here to pull the trigger.

Jon Moxley, Lance Archer and Rey Fenix Defeated Eddie Kingston, Butcher and Blade

The Good Brothers attacked Moxley from behind after the match. Kenny Omega came out with a mic, trash talking Moxley. He calls him pathetic and shows him a rematch clause Moxley tried to slip in. Omega said Moxley gets his rematch at Revolution but Moxley will keep coming back. Omega said that he will face Moxley at Revolution in a Exploding Deathmatch for the title. Omega said he is the one holding the gun now. Moxley tried to fight back but Omega knocked him out with the V Trigger twice as Gallows and Anderson were holding Moxley. Omega tells Moxley he will never get the title again and tells the people in the back to play his music. They go off the air as Omega celebrates with The Good Brothers.

Overall Review: It was another solid show but it just felt more of the same kind of match structure we’ve come to see with each episode. There was also a lot of stuff that left me scratching my head. The card had a tag team title match, 6 man tag match and two regular tag matches. Too much! I get that they have a strong division and I appreciate that. However, it is my one gripe about AEW is that there is an over emphasis of it and if the reason to have that many matches is to get everyone on the show, it is not a good one. Not everyone needs to have a match on the show and not everyone needs to be on show in general. The opening tag match didn’t need to go as long as it did especially if they were doing what they did at the end with Hardy and Page’s promo to set up their match at Revolution. I had no problem with the promo but the stipulation of Page and Hardy’s match that the loser gets 100% of their earnings really doesn’t give people enough interest in the match. How does this affect any one of them on screen? If they wanted a stipulation, Page could’ve kept his stipulation of if he wins then he gets Hardy’s earnings but Hardy should’ve said that if he wins then he is forced to join his crew along with getting 30% of Page’s earnings. The one match though that I enjoyed was Serena Deeb and Riho. Those women really put on a clinic with this being Riho’s first match back and it was appropriate that she got the win. The buildup promo for Jade and Shaq was confusing. Why were they showing Jade play basketball when they are training to WRESTLE Cody and Red Velvet on March 3rd? Is this going to be a 2 on 2 basketball game on March 3rd? I didn’t understand that. They should be in the ring practicing holds instead of this. I liked the segment with Kenny Omega reading to kids about The Young Bucks. It was something to show Kenny being the cocky guy that he is but I wouldn’t say it was the most entertaining thing on the show. Orange Cassidy and Luther’s match really had no point to it and really shouldn’t have been on there. The tag title match was pretty much what I expected it to be. There was no doubt that The Bucks were retaining. At one point during the whole beat down, Brandon Cutler getting involved I thought was random but it was whatever. The segment with Sting and Team Taz was something they should’ve done weeks ago especially that we know now that Sting could take a big bump like he did instead of Team Taz keep backing down from him. It was better though than how they have been building towards that Street Fight lately. This might’ve been the best segment on the show. One gripe about that, there was no update by Taz on Darby what they did or show him in the body bag in their car or something like that. The main event was what it was but what was the most interesting was afterwards when The Good Brothers attacked Moxley and then came the announcement by Omega that their match at Revolution will be a Exploding Deathmatch. That is going to be very interesting and even with all that had happened earlier in the night, that ending I really enjoyed. It really gives you a hook and a reason to buy Revolution on March 7th with this main event.

Grade: 5/10


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