‘AEW Dynamite‘ (2/24/21) Results And Review: Face Of The Revolution Qualifying Match, Jericho And MJF Unleash A Vicious Attack, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. This show helped build towards AEW Revolution as Lance Archer and Rey Fenix went head to head where the winner qualifies for the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match at the pay per view. Also, Dr. Britt Baker took on Nyla Rose in the second round of the Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament, Jon Moxley was in action against Ryan Nemeth and Sting looks for payback after he was powerbombed by Brian Cage last week.

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The show started off with Jon Moxley heading to the ring for his match with Ryan Nemeth. Nemeth was then showed a video promo saying he is starring in a role called The Winner.

Jon Moxley Defeated Ryan Nemeth

Moxley set a chair in the ring and sat down in it. He said that he will do whatever takes to get back to the top. He said that’s what he’ll have to at Revolution. He asks what do people hear when they say Exploding Deathmatch. He says you hear agony and torture. He asks if people would feel disgusted, revolted or palms shake. He says it makes him feel addicted. He said he is addicted to coming out to the ring and taking every beating he can get. He said the ides of having the Deathmatch pulls him in and even though it might be a trap for him there is a long list of guys that have tried to take him out. He said everyone who is watching has stuck by him will know he gave it all that he had win, lose or draw. He says that adrenaline he will get from that Deathmatch will be a hell of a way to go out.

They show the history of Jon Moxley’s rivalry with Kenny Omega.

Lance Archer and Fenix was shown being interviewed from footage that was shot last week. They were told that they will be facing each other in the qualifying match for the Face Of The Revolution Match. Lance said they were a killer tag team because of him. He said he doesn’t need to qualify because he will kick Fenix’s ass. Fenix in Spanish says that he was the worst tag team partner. Archer and Fenix beat each other after Lance pushes him.

They show footage of last week where Jericho shoved The Bucks father.

Footage was shot of The Young Bucks taking pictures with his parents in front of a truck that had their faces on it.

Team Taz Defeated Varsity Blondes

The lights went out after the match. Footage showed a truck driving a body bag tied to it. The bag opened and it was Darby Allin, alive and well. Sting came out, dragging a body bag. He opens the bag and it is revealed to be Taz’s son Hook, who was knocked out. Sting pointed at the rafters and Darby Allin zip lined down from it with the skateboard. Sting and Darby attack Ricky Starks and Brian Cage. Darby knocks Ricky out with a cross body outside the ring. Stin took out Brian Cage in the ring with a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Death Drop. Team Taz retreats.

Tony Schiavone did a interview with Miro, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. He said this is the most uncomfortable interview. They ask why and he said because of the wedding from 2 weeks ago. They reflect on the wedding. Miro said he will destroy Orange Cassidy and wants Charles to come home. He said Charles was good at being his butler and wants him back. Tony was handed a note. He reads it as it was from Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy challenging them at Revolution. Miro calls Chuck a child and doesn’t need to be associated with Orange Cassidy. He tells him to come home.

Jake Hager Defeated Brandon Cutler

Santana, Ortiz and Wardlow came out afterwards to continue the attack on Cutler. The Young Bucks came out and took Santana  and Ortiz out with the super kick. They were about to kick Hager until he dodged out of the ring. Matt Jackson got on the mic saying Jericho and MJF don’t have to wait till Revolution and calls them out. Jericho’s music plays but they don’t come out. Jericho and MJF showed up on the screen saying they’re going to wait till Revolution. They say they were backstage and found their dad. They have The Bucks’ dad all bloodied and beaten. The Bucks left the ring to go after Jericho and MJF. Jericho and MJF continue throw The Bucks’ dad into the trucks that have The Bucks’ faces on it. They tell The Bucks to pick up their trash and they’ll see them at Revolution. They leave just as The Bucks get to their father. Matt Jackson goes after them as MJF and Jericho drive away.

As they came back from commercial, they show The Bucks’ father being loaded up into the ambulance truck.

They show a highlight package for Shaq and Jade Cargil’s match with Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet for next week.

Hangman Adam Page Defeated Isiah Kassidy

Matt Hardy was heard saying Page chose The Dark Order over him so he will hurt every member of The Dark Order. Hardy attacked 5 (Alan Angels) and threw him off the stage through the table. Page and The Dark order checked on 5 after they went to chase Hardy.

Alex Marvez was seen in a video finding Kenny Omega using a hammer to make something. Don Callis prevents him from getting a word in with Omega saying he is busy building the Moxley Extermination Chamber. Omega said sometimes when you want things done right you do it yourself. He said he is the one that will put Moxley out for good. He tells Marvez to leave and he leaves.

They show footage of the matches on the Japan side for the Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament.

Nyla Rose Defeated Britt Baker To Advance In The Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament

They show a FTR and Jurassic Express rivalry highlight package for their match next week. FTR talk about Tully Blanchard returning to the ring to face them. Jurassic Express say that Tully’s time has passed and they will prove that.

Lance Archer Defeated Rey Fenix To Earn A Spot In The Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match

Archer helps Fenix up after the match. They fist bump to show respect as the show goes off the air.

Overall Review: This was a better show than last week. I enjoyed it a lot more but still had some moments that weren’t the brightest. The opening match with Jon Moxley was what it was but what the promo he delivered afterwards is the type that Moxley is great at doing as he described the pain he will most likely experience in the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. The match with Team Taz and the Varisty Blondes was good but their match time could’ve been cut short a bit and I don’t think the Blondes should’ve had that much offense especially if they’re trying to make them a legit threat to Sting and Darby Allin. I did love the segment afterwards with Darby and Sting taking them out. Darby zip lining to the ring was a great visual but it did take a little too long for him to get to the ring from the zip line. That sit down interview with Miro and Kip Sabian I wasn’t too big on. Miro wanting Chuck Taylor back was kind of dumb especially with how Chuck ruined Kip’s wedding. Why would they want him back? I didn’t get that and I don’t know why they are continuing the whole Best Friends rivalry but if the match at Revolution is the blow off match then I’m okay with that. I didn’t really care for the Hager and Cutler match, it was what it was. I thought it was funny afterwards with how Jericho and MJF attacked The Young Bucks’ father and the way their father sold the beat down. The blood on the dad’s face looked kind of amateurish honestly but the dad did sell it very well, I’ll give him that. The match with Adam Page and Isiah Cassidy was really solid. Afterwards with Matt Hardy attacking Alan Angels was cool too although he could’ve just done without the talking before and just come out to throw Alan off the stage. The Kenny Omega segment was okay but it was so hard to hear at times because of the construction noise that was drowning out his voice. I had to rewind that a few times because it was hard to hear. The Women’s Eliminator Match with Nyla defeating Britt Baker I was not a fan of that decision. The match itself was really good, probably the best match on the show for me but Britt should’ve won. It should’ve been her time to win the tournament to challenge Shida for the belt at Revolution but they chose Nyla who hasn’t been on TV in like a while and Britt has been killing it on TV with her in ring ability and promo work. I thought that was a dumb move. Lance Archer and Fenix had a really nice match with Lance dominating most of the match which he should do. Lance winning was great and I think more than likely he is winning the Ladder Match at Revolution.

Grade: 6/10

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