‘AEW Dynamite’ (2/3/21) Results And Review: New Japan Star Appears, #1 Contenders For Tag Titles Revealed, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. This was the Beach Break edition of the show. The show featured a tag team battle royal to determine who will challenge The Young Bucks for the Tag Team Championship at Revolution, Thunder Rosa went one on one with Britt Baker and a main event 6 man tag team match as Kenny Omega teamed up with The Good Brothers to take on Jon Moxley, PAC and Fenix.

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Chris Jericho and MJF Won The Tag Team Battle Royal To Face The Young Bucks For The Tag Team Championship At Revolution

They showed a highlight package for Jade Cargil working out.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring and introduced Sting and Darby Allin. Tony asks Darby about his match with Joey Janela for the TNT title next week until Team Taz appeared on screen. Taz said they weren’t allowed in the building tonight because of what they did to the staffers last week. Taz tells Darby that they will watch his match closely next week. Ricky tells Sting that he would look dead in his eye saying that he is no longer the Icon. He promises that Sting will get hurt. Sting says he’ll make sure it’s one on one with Darby’s match next week. He tells Ricky that he’ll have to take a closer look to see if he is still the Icon. They leave the ring.

Britt Baker Defeated Thunder Rosa

Footage was shown from last week of Tony Schiavone interviewing Matt Hardy in the locker room with Adam Page. Hardy says he is a good person and Adam is his friend. He said he knows Adam for a while and thinks they have great chemistry. Adam tells him that he is not interested in being a part of any team. Hardy tells him that he is concerned about him and he hated that Luther and Serpentico interrupted Brodie Jr’s birthday last week. Hardy proposes that they team up for one night only against them. Adam agreed.

Matt Hardy and Hangman Adam Page Defeated Serpentico and Luther

They showed the participants of the Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament on the Japanese side and the U.S. side.

Alex Marvez interviewed Chris Jericho and MJF after their victory in the battle royal. They cheer as they past by Alex and go into the Inner Circle locker room to celebrate. Sammy Guevara is upset about it and said he is not sure they are all in it together. He leaves the room and Jericho goes after him. MJF tells them it’s time for a conversation and has Wardlow kick the camera man out.

Tony Schivone interviewed Kip Sabian, congratulating him on the marriage. Kip and Miro are psyched for it. Miro insults Chuck Taylor saying he never had a girl in his life. Vickie tells Kip that it’s time and they made their way to the alter in the ring.

Kip Sabian, Miro, Vickie Guerrero and Chuck Taylor made their way to the ring. Penelope Ford was escorted down by Jerry Lynn. James Mitchell was the one hosting the wedding. Kip does his vow saying he will cherish her forever and loves everything about her. Ford does her vow saying she loves him so much and said he had the biggest… but then Kip stopped her. Chuck gives Miro the ring to give to Kip. Kip says I do when James asked if he will take her to be his bride. James asked Ford if she will take Kip to be her husband and says I do. James asked if anyone should object and Miro cuts him off saying let’s move on. James pronounces them husband and wife and they may kiss. They kiss. Miro has Chuck serve them champagne. He tells Kip that he knows how it feels to be married. He said he might’ve not brought a present for him but his knowledge is the present. He points out the present that is in the ring. Chuck said it’s from him. Miro destroys the present and nothing was in it. He tells Chuck to clean it. Miro continued his speech as people were singing “What is Love.” Miro cut them off saying it’s time to get some cake. Miro gets shackled to the bottom rope. Chuck pushed Kip into Ford who goes face first into the cake. Kip accidentally nailed Miro. Ford and Kip attacked Chuck until Orange Cassidy came out of the cake. Cassidy took Kip out with the Beach Break. They leave the ring.

A video of Shaq is shown saying he will wrestle Cody with Jade. He said his move is called the Black Tornado. He shows the move on the plexiglass at his desk. They announce that on March 3rd, it will be Shaq and Jade Cargil vs. Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Lance Archer Defeated Eddie Kingston In A Lumberjack Match

FTR in a video promo saying they are pissed that Jurassic Express got them suspended. Tully said they are scared of the revelation. Tully said all they want is a title match and asked what will it take. They show they have Marko Stunt all tied up.

Joey Janela cut a video promo talking about him and Darby having a long history with each other. He said the stakes are high as the TNT title is on the line between them last week. He said he will be a bad bad boy.

Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers Defeated Jon Moxley, PAC and Fenix

Omega and The Good Brothers continued to attack Fenix and Moxley in the ring until Lance Archer came to his aid. Archer went after The Good Brothers outside the ring. Moxley got up and was going to turn his attention to Omega until a masked man attacked him from behind. He took the mask off and it was revealed to be Kenta. Kenta nailed Moxley with the Go To Sleep. The show ended with Omega standing tall over Moxley.

Overall Review: For a regular Dynamite show it was really good but for a special show like Beach Break it wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better. I thought it had a bit of variety for everyone in a way significant way like for the casuals they show Shaq accepting Cody’s challenge. They’ll face on March 3rd in a mix tag with Red Velvet and Jade Cargil which I thought it should’ve been saved for Revolution but it’ll definitely help them in the ratings to have Shaq compete in Dynamite. They also had some for the hardcore wrestling fans who watch New Japan with having Kenta appear after the main event match attacking Moxley. The main event match was a typical good 6 man tag match I wouldn’t say it was the most amazing match but it was good. I love that MJF and Jericho are going to challenge for the tag titles. I don’t understand though that the rest of the Inner Circle tag teams like Sammy Hager and Santana/Ortiz were in the match if two weeks before this, Jericho and MJF beat them to be the official team of the Inner Circle. This just makes that match pointless if Sammy Hager and Santana/Ortiz were in the match anyway. I thought Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker was match of the night for me. I was impressed with Britt’s in ring work with her and she’s definitely improved since Dynamite began. I don’t mind Britt winning the way she did because it’ll give them an excuse to keep the rivalry going possibly into Revolution. The wedding of Kip and Penelope was pretty entertaining. The best part was people singing “What is Love” and Miro singing along with them a little. I’m glad the whole best man storyline is over and they can end the rivalry with Best Friends soon. 

Grade: 6/10

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