‘AEW Dynamite’ (3/10/21) Results And Review: Christian Cage Makes His ‘Dynamite’ Debut, TNT Championship Match, And More

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite took place at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida. This was the fallout show from last Sunday’s AEW Revolution. What will Christian Cage do after the announcement of his signing with AEW? The Inner Circle will host a war council segment that will change the group forever. Also, Britt Baker teams with Rebel and Maki Itoh to take on the AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida, Ryo Mizunami and Thunder Rosa. The TNT Championship was also on the line as Darby Allin defended the title against the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match winner Scorpio Sky.

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Rey Fenix Defeated Matt Jackson

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston were in a video promo talking about getting flashbacks to the jail cell when he heard the explosion at Revolution. He asks Omega if he thinks this is funny. Moxley says he thinks Impact paid for the bomb and asks what the hell was that explosion. Moxley says Omega was the better man but he did get Eddie Kingston back. Moxley thinks Eddie is back and is glad he didn’t get blown up but if Omega is going to flash a weapon he better use it.

Cody Rhodes Defeated Seth Gargis

Tony Schiavone interviewed Cody and Arn in the ring after the match. He asks Cody about the match with Shaq last week and his injured shoulder. Cody was about to talk about the shoulder and his loss at Revolution until Penta interrupted. His translator says that Penta is better than Cody and that he is the lord of lucha libre. Penta tells Cody that he lost at Revolution and he would’ve hurt his shoulder so bad at Revolution he wouldn’t be able to hold his baby girl. Cody went right after him and the two brawled. Officials held them back as they brawled.

A video showed Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy at an arcade. Chuck demands one more match with Miro and if he loses, he becomes his butler forever. He suggests he puts the video games around ringside and throw them into every one of them. Orange says he’ll break them too.

Tony Schiavone introduced Sting out to the stage. Sting came out and talked about Darby being a dangerous man. Lance Archer came out saying that he never needed a ladder match to be the Face Of The Revolution and that they are taking this time to say it. He says if things don’t change he will take more things than time. Tony says this is Sting’s time to talk. Lance apologizes and leaves. Sting leaves as well.

Dasha interviewed QT Marshall about what happened in the casino tag team battle royal at Revolution. QT says his emotion got the best of him but right now Lee will pick up a victory over Ethan Page.

Ethan Page cut a video promo as he made his way to the ring saying that Lee won’t be able to handle an agitated and annoyed All Ego Ethan Page.

Ethan Page Defeated Lee Johnson

Page beat down Lee after the match as QT watched on. Dustin Rhodes came out for the save as Ethan dodged out of the ring. QT walked away from Lee and Dustin. Dustin helped Lee up.

Alex Marvez interviewed Adam Page who came in with a lawn mower. Alex asks about the purchases he made with Hardy’s Q1 earnings. He says he got 6 bottles of whisky, new saddle and gave some of it to the Jacksonville public education fund. John Silver came in and asked if there is room for the Dark Order and he said yes. Alan Angels was about to get on until Page said there is a weight limit on it. They leave to get ice cream without him.

Tony Schiavone was talking about getting to talk to Christian Cage until Kenny Omega’s music hit along with the sweeper models. Kenny Omega came out with Don Callis and The Good Brothers out to the ring. Don tells everyone they won’t be getting to hear from Cage because they call the shots so they will take this time for themselves.Don calls Omega the king of the deathmatch. He said it all went according to plan. He says everyone wanted to see a giant explosion. They can’t confirm or deny whether they had anything to do with that but they took away Moxley’s moment as well as Eddie’s heroic moment. They say Moxley and Eddie looked like a pair of idiots from that explosion. Omega said it’s sweet of having the memory of embarrassing him at Revolution and humiliate Eddie as he was dry humping Moxley in the ring. Eddie Kingston interrupted, coming down to the ring. Don tells Eddie he gave him a job at Impact because Eddie had all the making of a star but he had to fire him because Eddie found a way to screw it up. Don tells Eddie that he is out gunned and he will give Eddie a chance to leave with his pride in tact. He gives Eddie 10 seconds. They count it down but nothing happens. Omega and Don make fun of Eddie from Revolution. Omega asks Eddie what he hopes to accomplish standing out here with them. He dares Eddie to hit him and Eddie does. The Good Brothers attack him until Moxley makes the save. Moxley brawls with them and Christian Cage’s music hit. Christian came out to the ring as Omega got himself back up. Omega and Cage went face to face. Omega extended his hand to him but Cage doesn’t shake it. Omega went for a right hand but then Cage ducked and went for the Killswitch but Callis pulled Omega out of the ring. Cage picked up the AEW title. He laid it back down in the ring and left as they went to commercial.

As Maki Itoh was singing, Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa and Ryo Mizunami brawled with Rebel, Britt Baker and Nyla Rose before their match.

Thunder Rosa, Hikaru Shida and Ryo Mizunami Defeated Maki Itoh, Nyla Rose and Britt Baker

Britt attacked Rosa with the crutch after the match. Britt got Rosa in the Lock Jaw as Rebel put the crutch in Rosa’s face. Britt, Nyla, Vickie, and Rebel celebrate as they leave the ring.

A video promo showed Private Party cheering Matt Hardy up after his loss at Revolution. Hardy says they need to bring more money in. He said Page stole from him but they have more money to sustain their business. He said he signed a huge new edition to the Matt Hardy Brand and introduced Butcher and Blade to it. They go face to face with Private Party. Matt say they will take out Dark Order for what they did to him as well as the 4 of them winning their match at AEW Dark Elevation.

Darby Allin Defeated Scorpio Sky To Retain The TNT Championship

Darby gave him a tap on the shoulder for respect after the match. Then Sky tripped Darby down and got him locked in a heel hook. Referees broke it up as Sky had a smile on his face.

The Inner Circle came out for their War Council. Jericho says they did this to change their course in battle. He says they can come up with a new outlook to survive as a unit and teases a new member into the Circle. MJF tells Jericho that he doesn’t think they need a new member and maybe let someone go. Sammy Guevara’s music hit and he came out. Jericho asks Sammy what he is doing out here. Sammy says he has something to show Jericho. Jericho says Sammy is dead to him. Sammy says he needs Jericho to see this. A video is shown of Sammy putting a camera in the Inner Circle locker room. MJF joins the locker room and says maybe it’s time for a new leader. He tells them they want to get Jericho out of the Inner Circle. MJF tells Jericho that he didn’t want Jericho to find out this way but now is the time to do so. MJF tells Hager, Ortiz and Santana to get him. They approach Jericho, ready to fight him but then they turn to MJF. Jericho calls MJF a stupid son of a bitch and he is going to kick him out of the Inner Circle. He pushes MJF down and fires him. MJF begs them not to beat him up as they threaten to do so. MJF starts crying but then says he has his own Inner Circle. The lights go out. They go back on and it’s FTR, Tully Blanchard, Wardlow and Shawn Spears in the ring. They attack The Inner Circle as Dax Harwood cracked a bottle over Hager. Spears sent Sammy head first into the chair. They handcuff Santana and Ortiz. FTR pile drives Ortiz and Santana as they are handcuffed. MJF knocks out Jericho with the diamond ring and busts him open. MJF beats Jericho with the bat to the ribs and the head. They take Jericho to the stage. Wardlow powerbombs Jericho off the stage through tables. MJF, Wardlow, Blanchard and FTR stand tall on the stage as the show ends.

Overall Review: Really good show but had it’s moments that were kind of dumb and just didn’t hit the mark. The opening match was pretty good, maybe it went a little long for what this match was supposed to be. Just a regular one on one to build towards their eventual tag title match. The whole thing with Cody Rhodes and Penta altercation is an interesting choice for Cody to feud with so I guess we’ll see where that goes. That match with Ethan Page and Lee Johnson looked good in terms of the actual in ring action but what was happening with the audio really took away from my enjoyment of the match. It even happened during Page’s video promo before the match and couldn’t really hear what he was saying. The whole thing with Kenny Omega, Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley was pretty entertaining although Don Callis should’ve just said right there that they fooled Eddie, Moxley and everyone with that explosion botch at Revolution but instead he said that he could neither confirm nor deny about it. Just say they did it. It doesn’t need to be a whole unanswered mystery going forward. It still doesn’t also explain why Kingston and Moxley were knocked out from all that at the end of the pay per view. The brawl in the ring with all of them including Christian Cage now being involved is interesting. I don’t know if that means that Christian is going to be the next challenger but it’s a tease so we’ll see where that goes. The whole promo with Sting and then Lance Archer coming to interrupt was kind of dumb. It was another waste of a Sting appearance I think. Why would Archer say he’s coming out to take time away then leave afterwards and have Sting awkwardly leave afterwards? That was just out of place. The 6 woman tag match was what it was and it’s setting for next week’s light out match with Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa which is the first ever women’s match to main event Dynamite. I hope this match really delivers to be the main event of Dynamite but knowing them, I’m sure they won’t disappoint. The TNT title match was really good, probably the match of the night. I was confused by Sky attacking Darby because I always thought he was a heel but they were acting like this was a heel turn. We’ll see where that goes I guess. I was really curious as to how the War Council segment was closing the show. It was an interesting choice especially that Dynamite usually has a match close out but something crazy was definitely going to happen if this was closing. I thought that it would be time for the Inner Circle was going to end but now we’re getting a faction feud as MJF was kicked out and joins Tully Blanchard’s group with FTR and Shawn Spears. I don’t know how MJF fits in this group and why they would continue the Inner Circle now back to what it was before MJF came into the picture. I’m not going to totally criticize it though because this twist in the story could turn out to be really great. So we’ll see.

Grade: 6/10



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